Silva Life System Review

Positive thinkingPersonal Growth is as vital as breathing. Most of us know that and we already practice our meditation, visualisation and affirmations. We read positive articles & blogs and follow the great teachers. We get the motivational quotes in our inbox and even wake up to an inspirational music. With each of these acts, we increase our awareness and slowly move towards a better life. These tools certainly help, but they are merely different parts for our personal growth process. Take an example of a car – when you want to travel from one place to another, you need a vehicle to take you there. Now, you will not go and buy the wheels, doors and seats and start fitting it all together. You would like to buy a complete system – the car. One such system that has been profound in the personal growth arena for over 50 years is the Silva Life System.

Many personal development books, seminars and courses are designed to bring higher awareness. They leave you with the “Aha!!” moments and just invoke the hunger for more such information. There are very few personal growth teachers who have created a System – a step-by-step plan, not just to feed you with information, but to put you into action. Silva Life System is one of these powerful system, which is also backed with Scientific research. It is based on a simple electronics law – Ohm’s Law – which states that “The Current flowing through a conductor is dependent on the Resistance of the conductor”. If you do not understand these electronic terms, then just imagine water flowing through a flexible water pipe. Now, if you apply pressure on the pipe, you will see that less water will flow through the pipe. More the pressure, lesser the water flowing. Jose Silva, a radio repairman, in 1966 implemented this principle to human brains and created a method to reduce the resistance in the brain and allow brain to receive and store more information, resulting into the ability to achieve greater control over the emotional state, habits, careers, finances, and health. He called this method as “The Silva Method”.

Silva MethodScientific research has shown that in humans, the left and the right brain have 2 distinct features. The Left brain is activated while the information is received from the 5 sensory factors – see, smell, touch, hear and taste. Left brain is used for Analytical, Sequential and Logical processing. The brain waves for these processes are said to be in the Beta Frequency (14-21 cycles per second), which also means that you are active and awake. When your brain wave frequency reduces to Alpha Frequency (7-14 cycles per second), you become relaxed and switch over to use the Right brain. This side is used for Rhythm, Creative imagination & Intuition. In order to enhance the brain function and accelerate learning and performance abilities, we must learn to use both sides of the brain. The Silva Method will enable you to do so

The Silva Method will teach you to live with Alpha & Theta levels of mind while remaining fully conscious. This will enable you to be in the Meditation state most of the time and let your mind generate more creative ideas, absorb more information, store and process more data. Your efficiency will sky rocket and you will be surprised with your results.

There are different techniques in the Silva Method, which are easy and can be practiced to bring the inner positive changes.

Deep Relaxation                Sleep Control                Clock Technique

Awake Control                  Dream Control               Hand Levitation

Headache Control             Glove Anaesthesia          Glass of Water

Mental Screen                  Memory Pegs                Three Fingers

Five Fingers Techniques     Logical Levels               Mirror of the Mind

Habit Control                    Laboratory                   Everyday Case Working

The Silva Life System is a self-paced learning system, which is now available in download-able format. It is divided into 10 modules, each enhancing different areas of your life. It is designed to allow you to experience as you would have in a live seminar, but for a fraction of the cost.

Get your copy now!!

Silva Life System

Silva Life System

 Free the unlimited power of your mind


Silva Life System Review – How to use this Program? – MyLifePuzzle tips

  • The Modules are arranged sequentially, so start with CD 1 and listen to it until you understand the technique and feel comfortable with the meditation practice.
  • Once all modules are completed, repeat any of the modules that you like more.
  • Take your time and keep your own pace.
  • More you practice, the better you will be in each technique
  • Setup a routine so that you can use this System each day – even on weekends.
  • Last but not the least – share the new awareness that you will get with all your friends and family. Help your friends and family by referring them to this website. The more people you help, the more successful you will be.


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May you find the success, happiness and peace you deserve!