Science of Getting Rich – Thinking in the Certain Way

Many people think that – to become rich, they should either be born in a rich family or inherit money from a wealthy relative or perhaps win a lottery. But then, their current circumstances confirm that none of this is possible and then they quickly conclude that “becoming rich” is a matter of Luck. Whereas the fact remains that becoming rich is not by luck or fate, but it is as methodical and as certain as an arithmetic expression. Like, if we add 3 to 5 and then take away 2, the result will be 6; similarly if we do things in a certain way and get rid of the old Paradigms, we will get the wealth that we desire. Unfortunately, the things that we do not understand, we term them as Luck, Chance or Fate, and we leave the control into some invisible hands and let that drive our lives. We can take control of our own life, since the power to change ourselves is within us. There is a clear-cut and fail-proof way to earn the money that you always, only dream of. There is a methodical approach, with simple and easy steps to follow. There is a science to get rich.

Do not think this information to be a ‘get rich quickly’ or as a short-cut to become rich. There is no short or quick way to become rich. What we have here is just the right, certain and scientific way to become rich.

To become rich, you will have to think rich. Every person, who has become rich, has first formed the thought of becoming rich in his mind. He has then held that thought with complete faith – belief, desire and expectancy; and has taken the right actions, until the riches were manifested. He may have done it consciously or sub-consciously, but it all starts with the thought power. Anything that you can see around you was first created in thoughts and then physical world. The clothes that you are wearing, the screen in front of you or the furniture around you, were all thought by someone and then they worked to bring it in its physical form. Similarly, you can think about riches and work on the inspired ideas to manifest riches in your life.


Before we go to the exact Steps to attract a rich life, let us first lay the foundation. First we need to understand, how WE (any human being) function. We are made up of 3 vital parts – Conscious Mind, Sub-Conscious Mind and Body. The Conscious mind has got the Sensory factors and Intellectual Factors. It is able to process any new information and feed it to the Sub-Conscious mind. The Sub-Conscious mind is like a Mega computer and it runs the entire show, while the Conscious mind is processing the new information. The Body is merely a manifestation of the movement of the mind.

Now let us do a quick exercise involving our mind and body. Imagine yourself siting in a classroom with lots of other kids. There is a teacher is standing next to the chalkboard. She takes her hand towards the chalkboard and makes the sound of fingernail scraping on the chalkboard…. Screeeeeeeeeech! Just that thought would bring goose bumps on your hand. Now what happened here? There is no teacher around and nor there is any chalkboard. But your Conscious mind created a thought or an image. You recollected the feeling and your sub-conscious mind internalized that thought and transformed it into physical goose bumps. Likewise, you create everything in the physical world by virtue of thoughts. The Wright brothers thought about flying in the air and were able to discover airplanes. Sir Edmund Hillary was passionately visualizing being on the top of the Mt. Everest and he was able to reach there. Thomas Edison, thought about replacing the oil lamps with something much powerful and gave us the electric bulbs. It is the thought in our mind, held by desire, belief and expectancy, that makes us to take action and get results that we image in our thought.

Since Thoughts produce Things, we can summarize the entire creation process into 3 easy Steps. If you have seen the blockbuster movie or the bestselling book – “The Secret”, it has the same message. The top Personal Growth coaches (a.k.a. The Secret Teachers) outline this 3 Step Creative Process, which can be used to attract any amount of money, circumstances, people and experiences in your life. Here is the science behind these steps.


  1. ASK: This is where we entertain a New Idea or New Thought in our Conscious mind – see the vision of having tremendous wealth; list all the things that you want from the Catalogue of the Universe.
  2. BELIEVE: Now plant this New Idea in the fertile soil of Sub-conscious mind. Feel the Feeling of already having that wealth. This will create a new Paradigm in the Sub-Conscious mind – “Money is Good”, “Money is easy to earn” and so on.
  3. RECEIVE: As soon as the Sub-conscious mind internalizes the new idea, your body will be set in the motion and you will start taking Actions. Since your actions are driven by the new Paradigm, the fear, anxiety and hurry will be replaced by confidence, calmness and a focused approach. You will be ready to receive the wealth that you desired.

You must be wondering, who found these Steps? Who have used them and what level of success did they get? Well, the idea that “You become what you think about” has been preached by every religion and by every leader throughout the world. Only those, who decoded this power, were able to become rich and famous and they passed this information through generations. In 1910, Wallace D. Wattles, studied this process and explained it in his famous book – “The Science of Getting Rich”. For the first time in the history, this information was available to all the people. Many great Authors and Motivational Speakers have converted this book into Personal Development books and seminars. Rhonda Byrne was inspired to create this movie – The Secret, after she read this book. This is probably the most powerful books and has changed and continue to change life of milions of people.

If you want to become rich in a scientific way, this book holds the key. In 2009, almost 100 years later, Bob Proctor (the living master teacher of Law of Attraction), Jack Canfield (founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul) & Michael Bechwith (founder of Agape International Spiritual Centre) came together to create a magnificent program based on this book – The Secret Science of Getting Rich. In this program, they walk you through each chapter from The Science of Getting Rich book and then they share some fantastic tools, ideas and their own life experiences, to mould you in such a way that you start thinking the right thoughts to get the money that you desire. This program was then sold for $2,000 and did millions of dollars sale. Now with the growing popularity of the internet, the same course is available only for $197. Grab your copy of Science of Getting Rich Program.

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How to use this Program? – The MyLifePuzzle tips

  • Before you begin, write down your Goal – how much money do you want to earn? Do not think, how you would get it – as that is what you will learn from the program.
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