“Getting rich is a result of doing things in a certain way.” – Wallace D Wattles

You do not get rich by doing certain things, but you get rich by doing things in a certain way. And to do things in a certain way, you must think in a certain way.

3% of the population earns 97%  of the money that is ever earned. This is because they have money consciousness. They think in a “certain way” and do things in a “certain way”. Unfortunately, earning money is not taught in school and hence the rest of the 97% of the population never get to learn the art or the secret of earning and accumulating wealth.  It is time for us to wake up. Internet, mobile and all the latest technology has made this vital information accessible to everyone.

We have chosen the best of the best solutions for you to be free from the mediocre life and open the doors for an abundant  life.


The Science of Getting Rich Program

There is an exact science of getting rich. Follow the each steps outlined in this program and you can change your annual income to monthly income. Let the Masters – Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield & Michael Beckwith, unleash the tremendous power within you.

This program is based on the famous book by Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Getting rich and is complied in 17 Audio CDs, which makes this program, probably the most powerful program you can ever find.


11 Forgotten Laws

Nature is perfect and it knows no failure. Understand the Laws of the Universe, work with these Laws and take control of the money that you earn. Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, take you through a life transforming experience as you study the 11 Forgotten Laws.

This Audio Program is based on the famous book by Raymond Holliwell – “Working with the Laws”. This is probably the only book that explains these laws in the most simplified way.


The Silva Life System

Your Left & Right Brains have 2 distinct features. Understanding the use of both the Brains, will result in tremendous increase in capability to absorb and retain more information. Jose Silva, has found a system, that will train you to achieve success in any area of your life. It is a self-paced learning system and is divided into 10 modules, each enhancing different areas of your life. It is  designed to allow you to experience, as you would have in a live seminar, but for  a fraction of the cost – The Silva Life system


The Success Principles

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the phenomenal bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, understood the true essence of Success. Based on his experience and intensive research, he has been able to identify 64 practical and inspiring principles and he wrote them in his life transforming book – The Success Principles ®. It is a roadmap for anyone—from marketing professionals to small business owners, and from teachers to students and parents— striving to achieve their professional and personal dreams and goals