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On this page, you will find the Hay House World Summit Reviews for each year.  Post your comment below if you have attended any of the Hay House World Summit.

Hay House World Summit 2014

Hay House World Summit 2014, started on 31-May-2014, with 100+ Motivational Speakers and 20 Inspirational Videos.

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Hay House World Summit 2013


Hay House World Summit 2013 was the Premier event and Hay House surely did it with a bang!! Over 100 Speakers were interviewed, covering variety of topics. Some of the key highlights were –

  • It was a FREE event. Being the first one it was free to attend.
  • 6 Amazing videos on signup – including Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, Suze Orman & Cheryl Richardson.
  • Esther Hicks’s interview was amazing. Apart from talking to Abraham, it was also good to hear from Esther herself as she reflected back on her journey so far and specially recently without Jerry.
  • Louise Hay also shared how she came about forming the Hay House company. It was quite motivating to know how she started small in her living room and grew into such a large organization.
  • Jack Canfield was also interviewed and he gave some fantastic steps from his book Success Principles and made them simple so that they can be incorporated into the daily life.
  • Wayne Dyer spoke about his new book and explained how things happen for a reason only for us to find out later about it and then we can see “Clearly”.
  • Mira Kelly took the audience through a Past Life Regression and I felt it was so powerful.
  • Mona Lisa Schultz was on fire as she passionately explained how to read the body and the intuition that flows through it.
  • Leon Nacson talked about interpreting the Dreams and few interesting concepts and scientific revelations around Dreams
  • Davidji shared a beautiful meditation along with his personal story of moving from a successful corporate career to being a meditation teacher.
  • Deepak Chopra probed on the question – Who am I? once again giving scientific explanation and evidence to our internal existence.
  • Many other famous and new authors/speakers shared some their personal stories, methods and exercise to improve our life.

There are many many points that I can write about as I have pages full of notes that I took while listening to these sessions. Of course, it is almost not possible to listen to all 100 sessions in the given 10 days. I did purchase the whole copy and listened to each of the lecture through out the year. The wealth of collective wisdom was unmatched to any personal development program that anyone could find.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed each session and I still continue to listen to few lectures now and then and get a piece of new wisdom each time.