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Hay House World Summit 2014, the largest online event, packed with new interviews, exercises and practical advice covering a multitude of topics. Start your transformation today! Find tons of tips and proven techniques you can apply to your life immediately, all in one place. Scroll below to see more details.
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Hay House World Summit is back again for 2014!
Here is just a fraction of what you’ll discover at Hay House World Summit-
  • Up to 100 audio lessons from world renowned experts **
  • Wide range of topics, including Health, Wellness, Relationship and Spirituality
  • Guided Meditations and Exercises
  • Practical tips to achieve abundance and prosperity
  • Latest in Health & Wellness – lose weight without diets
  • Live at your highest levels of happiness and success
  • Learn how to use dreams to solve real life problems
  • Boost your creativity and tap into your infinite potential
  • Watch inspirational movies **
  • Worksheets to help you use this information in practical life **
  • 3 Bonus Video Lessons to get you started right now

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A Glimpse…

Here are 3 videos that you can watch for Free, even without registering to the event. If you like them, sign up for the event and access this amazing wealth of wisdom offered in this Summit

Hay House World Summit 2014 Video 1

Robert Holden & Louise Hay

Hay House World Summit 2014 - Video 2

Iyanla Vanzant

Hay House World Summit - Video 3

Esther Hicks & Wayne Dyer

Over 100 Speakers!!

Once again Hay House has lined up some amazing speakers this year. They bring along collectively an avalanche of wisdom. The key speakers, like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Robert Holden, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Nick Ortner, davidji, Kris Carr and so many more are once again bring their own personal stories, practical and easy to follow methods, exercises and worksheets, that will help you make a quantum leap in your transformation journey.

Day 01 – 31May

Day 01 - 31May

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Day 02 – 01Jun

Day 02 - 01Jun

Posted by MyLifePuzzle on May 16, 20142
Day 03 – 02Jun

Day 03 - 02Jun

Posted by MyLifePuzzle on May 16, 20143
Day 04 – 03Jun

Day 04 - 03Jun

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Day 05 – 04Jun

Day 05 - 04Jun

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Day 06 – 05Jun

Day 06 - 05Jun

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Day 07 – 06Jun

Day 07 - 06Jun

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Day 08 – 07Jun

Day 08 - 07Jun

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Day 09 – 08Jun

Day 09 - 08Jun

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Day 10 – 09Jun

Day 10 - 09Jun

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Registration Options

This year, Hay House has designed 2 Registration Options – FREE with access to 3 Speakers each day. And Premium – with access to all 100 Speakers and much more.

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Last Year

Over 300,000 people across the world participated in the Premier event, last year. Here is what some of them had to say about the Hay House World Summit:

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This has been a most AMAZING journey that covered more areas than I can mention here! The speakers were fantastic! The subjects were informative and interesting! Louise Hay, and Hay House, this inaugural World Summit was a BIG HIT!!!! Again, thank you!”Vicki Jones

“Thank you for this wonderful idea to create a World Summit!  My life is again on a track where I am more aware of what I am doing AND thinking! I “discovered” Louise Hay when I was still living in Europe – long time ago. Her books were, still are and will always follow me where ever my path will take me. I look forward to next year’s World Summit! I’ll be there!!!”Rose M Walter

“My compliments to the organizers and the speakers. Beautiful and hugely inspiring event. My favorite was Steve Taylor, authentic, inspiring and so human, with some good tips too. Thank You!!”Monika Kalina

“I am so fascinated from Davidji lecture! I found such a perfect harmony in between how he looks and what he talks about! Everything is so practical and simple how he teaches , meditation and yoga are practices perfected in thousands of years from billions of people, they are for everyone and definitely you do not need Phd or great wealth even health to do it and benefit from it, you just need yourself, the know how and to be alive!” Stanka Kostadinova Mihaleva

“Animal lovers!!!!!!! Listen to the Animal Soul Contract talk with Danielle Mackinnon!!!!!!!!!! Amazing info that you cant go without!”Michele Jarvis-Wonnacott

“Just sharing – what I got from Louise’s interview – I have been completely attached to healing a low thyroid and I didn’t even know it (my mom has thyroid issues too). After Louise’s talk, I realized that I didn’t have to become my parents and have the diseases they have. I actually released any driveness to have my thyroid return to normal.”Mary Miller

“Just listened to an awesome interview between 2 favorite Psychic Mediums, John Edwards and John Holland (both I’ve seen in person before). If you want to know the difference between a true Psychic, a Medium, and those who present themselves as such for selfish reasons, listen and learn…” – Bettye Cates

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