Hay House World Summit 2013

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Hay House World Summit 2013
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Calendar Jun 01 to Jun 10

Location IconBW Free to watch online.

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About the Summit

The Hay House World Summit is a free online event available internationally that will take place June 1-10, 2013. It will be available in multiple languages including German and Spanish with partners all over the world, and more than 1 million participants.

The Hay House World Summit will include over 100 world-renowned experts from within the personal growth field including Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Esther Hicks, Suze Orman, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. David Hamilton, Deepak Chopra, Kris Carr, and so many more. They will be sharing some of the most powerful and effective techniques, principles, and processes that you can incorporate into your own life to begin to take charge of your own happiness and well-being.

5 Reasons to join this World Summit

1Meet your favorite Teachers

Never seen before such an array of speakers are coming together at Hay House World Summit – Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Cheryl Richardson, Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, Robert Holden, Brian L. Weiss, Bruce H. Lipton, Kris Carr, Michael Beckwith, Nick Ortner, Anita Moorjani…… and list can just go on. You can listen to these speakers as they narrate a rare and personal experiences, tools and techniques.

2Energize your Body-Mind-Soul

Variety of topis will be covered by over 110 speakers. Listen and learn to Heal yourself from Anita Moorjani, Jonathan Goldman, Donna Gates. Understand the technique to empower your mind as Eldon Taylor talks about “Your Mind: The Genie Within” or as Deepak Chopra take you into the Exercise to “Breaking Free from the Conditioned Mind”. Join Denise Linn as she gives out the “Spiritual Secrets to Activate Fabulous Abundance Long” or as davidji talks about “Meditation and Mindfulness”.
With such a high positive energy emitted out from the Hay House World Summit, it is sure to uplift you Body-Mind-Soul.

3Unusual, but Interesting Topics

Some of the topics that would be covered are bit unusual, but very interesting. Make sure you don’t miss these –
– “Crazy Sexy Kitchen: Embracing a Plant-Empowered Lifestyle” by Kris Carr
– “Reverse “Diabesity” and the Blood Sugar Solution” by Mark Hyman, M.D.
– “F**k-It Therapy” by John C. Parkin
– “Animal Soul Contracts: What Your Animals Are Trying to Tell You” by Danielle MacKinnon

4Over 100 hours of Inspiring material

With every aspect of your life covered and solution to every question, Hay House World Summit has over 100 hours of Inspiration Material, that will keep you going on the transformation path for rest of your life. There is also an option of purchasing and downloading the entire material and listening to it over and over again.

PS: If you are a blogger and looking for topics to write, this is more than the King Solomon’s mine

5It’s FREE!!

Yes… This should have been Point 1 and we couldn’t believe that all this is FREE to attend. The Hay House World Summit begins from Jun 1 and goes till Jun 10 – Free to AIR.
Make sure you have reserved your spot!!

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