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MyLifePuzzle is a collection of thoughts, ideas, questions and interpretations about “LIFE”.

What is this LIFE all about? Who are we in our truest essence? What is our role in this world? We come into this life …. We strive & thrive… We rise and we fall… and then one day we leave this world taking nothing with us. What happens before and after our journey? Since the time we know about, humans have left breadcrumbs along the history with their interpretation of Life. MyLifePuzzle is a collection of such thoughts, ideas, questions and interpretations.

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Our Story (How it all started):

MyLifePuzzle was born out of the strong desire of two enthusiasts, who wanted to share the success they experienced by just changing their thought pattern. It lead them to explore a complete different side of themselves and as such of the human beings. Here is the story…

Amod & Nalinda were neighbours. On separate occasions, they had experienced the burns of the GFC (Global Financial Crises – as some people call it). Just at the beginning of GFC, Amod lost his job. Redundancy, down-sizing, job cuts was quickly becoming a trend. Incidentally, Amod had just started reading the book “The Secret” and he knew it was only his thinking about redundancy each day had attracted such a day for him. But he also knew that if he could attract redundancy, he could attract the opposite too, but just changing his thought pattern. Within 3 weeks, in the midst of job cuts all over the world, he found an excellent job with the exact salary that he wanted.

2 years later, Nalinda went through the exact same series of events. Amod shared his experience and gave him the book “The Secret”. Nalinda attracted a job, at a great work place, with the perfect team mates and the exact salary he wanted. These events brought these two together to co-create a platform to share this “new” finding with the world and MyLifePuzzle came forth.

Our evolution stories –

The Secret, Looking Beyond ‘The Secret’, Our Journey so far, Radio Interview

Did you have a similar story? Have you experienced a Life changing event? Share it with us and we would love to publish you on MyLifePuzzle. Contact us on admin@mylifepuzzle.com

The Team

Amod Joshi

Currently playing solo, but not alone…. I have with me a big book shelf, internet, Hay House Wisdom Membership and wealth of knowledge that I have been assimilating since I embarked on this journey. Bob Proctor’s Coaching Program, Thinking into Results, Silva Life System, Tapping, Wayne Dyer & Louise Hay’s various seminars and programs and now recently a extensive Meditation program are all foundation of my writing. In practical life, I also have a full time job, a wonderful family and friends, who give me opportunities to implement this understanding. My son, Tanay, is my new lens, through which I am living my life once again.

I call myself an Open Book…. Feel free to connect me on Facebook, Google+ or any other social media where you could find me.

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Behind the Scenes:

Nalinda, the co-creator of MyLifePuzzle, had to move on to pursue his passion about the Technology. He was instrumental in making MyLifePuzzle a beautiful, functional and elegant website. He is simply awesome!!

Madhu, the all-rounder developer. He knows magic. Tell him what he wants and it will be done and in record time. He has put in a great effort in bringing the website along to this level.

eLuminous Technologies (Priyank & Puja), have helped me in recent updates and modifying the home page. Awesome resources backing me anytime I need them.

Last but not least – www.Fiverr.com – Great Gigs who helped me in creating Logo, various pictures and most recently the introduction Video (by Pupudu).