Hay House World Summit 2014 | Day 09 Review

by Amod Joshi on June 19, 2014

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Hay House World Summit 2014 – Day 09 Review

As we start to wind down and only 2 days left on the Hay House World Summit 2014, I was in a state of bliss with so much awesome content around me and the playlist in my phone growing each day. I could see myself listening to each of these recordings while driving back and forth from work. And Day 09 was again filled with such rich content.

My pick for this day was – Michelle Buchanan (Numerology) and Jessica Ortner (Tapping & Weight Loss). I have always been curious about Numerology and wanted to understand how it all works and this was the best opportunity to get introduced. Michelle did a fantastic job by keeping the whole thing simple and straight. There are so many ways that numbers are calculated for each person – based on their Birth date, Name and combination of some other things. Michelle illustrated one of the simpler methods using the Birth date. It turned out that my own number was 11 – a master number and the characteristics matched so much to what I am and what my life path is. I quickly checked the numbers for all my family members and it sounded like a match with their characteristics. Michelle’s interview has certainly raised my curiosity for the subject. I will be exploring more about numerology through one of my friend Priti Sherawat, who is a numerologist and runs a website – www.numbersofjoy.com.

At the same time, Jessica was awesome with the Tapping & Weight loss subject. As she told her story and how she came along with her brother – Nick Ortner to create the movie – The Tapping Solution and now her own book – “The Tapping Solution – Weight Loss & Body Confidence”. In this book and in the interview, Jessica has explained in such a beautiful way, how our body deforms its natural shape – not just because of unhealthy eating, but also because of stress. As a result, many diet and exercise programs fail as they do not address the Stress component. Tapping then becomes a great tool to help reduce the stress and keep our mind motivated to do that diet or exercise program and enjoy the results for a long long time. With no special equipment required, Tapping is the best tool that each person should have and learn about to deal with numerous problems.

If you listened to any of the speakers from Day 09, post your experience in the comments below. If you missed these session, you have an option to own the whole copy (100 Speakers + 20 movies + loads of Bonus gifts). Click here for more information –

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