Hay House World Summit 2014 | Day 07 Review

by Amod Joshi on June 13, 2014

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Hay House World Summit 2014 – Day 07 Review

Day 07 of the Hay House World Summit was, what I call – “Star studded day”, as it featured Dr Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and Esther Hicks. There was an interview with Dr Wayne Dyer, a recording of conversation between Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer, video of “Importance of Being Extraordinary –  conversation with Eckhart Tolle and Dr Wayne Dyer and last but not the least, video of one of the shows by Esther Hicks – “More than you see”.

Day 7 HHWSIf you were able to just listen to one day, this should have been the one. Also, those who are waiting for the repeat, make sure you mark this in your diary.

I started off with Esther Hicks. Although, I would have loved to listen to a fresh interview, it turned out to be a recorded conversation between Esther (or I should say Abraham) and Dr Wayne Dyer.  A sample of this conversation was already available for free at the beginning of the Summit. It was an awesome experience listening to these 2 incredible people talking and elevating the entire energy around. One of my friend said that she felt as though Wayne Dyer was trying to validate his teachings with Abraham. And to some extent I felt that too. But if you really think about it – Dr Wayne Dyer, has been a very “grounded” person. He has been living a live to uplift the life of fellow human beings who reside on this physical world. Whereas, Abraham, the Source Energy is an esoteric vibration, which is the highest form of the energy that we know of. Throughout their teaching, they have been helping the humans on the physical world to get connected to this Spiritual, High-frequency Source Energy, as if pulling the mankind to a higher level. Imagine this as an analogy – Wayne Dyer is uplifting….. pushing up…. And Abraham… pulling up…. Both trying the same thing to increase the awareness of humans, but with different ways. I felt Dr Wayne Dyer was validating or checking his own work through Abraham’s view. Nevertheless, it was so interesting to listen to both of them. Incredible teaching.

I had listen to the Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer’s “Importance of Being Extraordinary” before. And I couldn’t miss another opportunity to listen. Fusion of their teaching blends out to take you to a whole new level of understanding. Plus, both have such a great sense of humor, that this conversation becomes not only informative, but also thoroughly entertaining.

Then I went to Wayne Dyer’s interview with Reid Tracy. Once again a real treat and full of wisdom – in this conversation, Wayne Dyer spoke about another book that he found, which he has taken up as his next project. Although, he is not sure what will come out of it, I am guessing that it will result in a new book something similar to “Living the Wisdom of Tao”. This new book might be the combination of the legendary Hindu literature “Bhagawat Geeta” and the 1960 published “The Impersonal Life”.

Another things that Wayne Dyer did through this conversation was that he clarified and addressed to the numerous comments of people who post on his Facebook page, calling him a sales person or a fraud. And then he also addressed those who think and say that he is Wayne Dyer and hence he can write all these books or has luxury to do things he recommends to do. Good on you Wayne!! You did not even miss the opportunity in the criticism to spread an important message of wisdom.

Last but not the least and in fact the most powerful of all was the video “More Than You See” by Esther Hicks. If you have heard Esther (Abraham) before, this was an opportunity not to be missed. 3 hours of Abraham-ism was incredible. Touching on so many topics and solving so many question, this video has to be the number one thing that I would get hooked on to during the replays. And if anyone is not planning to buy the whole set, I recommend getting at least this video DVD as your personal copy from Hay House Online Store. Abraham – the voice of the Source Energy of that we are all made up of, shared some great techniques that will help us to stay focused on the high-flying disc and keep us aligned with the Law of Attraction. Since Abraham speaks through Esther and rather has a fast pace, there is more wisdom packed in these 3 hours than you would imagine. In fact, while I was re-listening to this over and over, I found new revelations each time. From our existence as a Physical entity, Abraham also talked about our experiences, surroundings, community as a whole and all the way to Angels and Fairies. This can be the encyclopaedia to understand our own self.

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