Hay House World Summit 2014 | Day 03 Review

by Amod Joshi on June 4, 2014

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Hay House World Summit 2014 – Day 03 Review

Here is the Hay House World Summit Reviews for Day 03. One of the content-rich days of the Summit, with great speaker line up – Anita Moorjani, Nick Ortner, Dr Christiane Northrup, Joe Dispenza and more. Plus both the videos for the day were ‘not-to-be-missed’ ones – “Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling” by Dr Wayne Dyer and “Women’s Body, Women’s Wisdom” by Dr Christian Northrup.

Having a tough choice to make among all these, I jumped into the lecture by Anita Moorjani. It turned out to be a recording from one of her shows with Dr Wayne Dyer. Once again, a double treat – Wisdom from 2 teacher in one show. I have heard Anita’s story so many times, but each time I hear it, I find a new level of understanding. The best part is that she tells it with the same passion and simplicity even after so many years. And with Wayne Dyer holding the other side of the thread, they together are able to drive the message right to the heart.

I then sampled Nick Ortner’s interview. He is one of my role model and his passion towards the subject (Tapping or EFT) is something that I would like to emulate. Once again, it was good to hear his story and the story of how Tapping came along and then actually go through some Tapping exercises with him. Just listening to him (his recorded interview) makes me filled with new energy.

Women's Body Women's Wisdom

Women’s Body Women’s Wisdom

But still, the key highlight of today were the videos. I watched “Women’s Body, Women’s Wisdom”, along with 2 beautiful women in my life – my Mum and my dear Wife. I had heard Christian Northrup before and had read about her same-titled book and hence I so much wanted my Mum and my wife to watch this video. And certainly, it was an amazing show. Dr Christian Northrup leads by her own example and also gives medical analysis as to how a women should really transform into a beautiful, wiser and even more attractive new person after the menopause. Most of the women think it is a down-hill and this video just turns all the concept upside-down. She also explains the importance of the menstrual “pain” and shows how Wisdom flows through Women’s body during this time. This is certainly a video each women on this planet should watch.

Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling

“Intuition: Your Ultimate Calling” was equally amazing. I was trying to find words to describe this video and saw a comment on Facebook – “If you have time only to listen to one show during the summit, try not to miss this one. You will not walk away empty handed… or dry-eyed.” – Susie Ung. And I thought this would sum it all. If you are looking for something to uplift you, this is the video to go to – anytime and every time

If you listened to any of the speakers from Day 03, post your experience in the comments below. If you missed these session, you have an option to own the whole copy (100 Speakers + 20 movies + loads of Bonus gifts). Click here for more information –

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