Hay House World Summit 2014 | Day 02 Review

by Amod Joshi on June 3, 2014

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Hay House World Summit 2014 – Day 02 Review

The Day 02 of Hay House World Summit 2014, once again had some powerful messages. My favourites were Dr Bruce Lipton & Caroline Myss. But more than the lectures and interviews, what attracted me were the movies – “The Spontaneous Evolution” by Dr Bruce Lipton and “Juicy Living, Juicy Aging” by Loretta Laroche.

Sponteneous Evolution

Snap shot from “An Introduction to Spontaneous Evolution”

I started off with Dr Bruce Lipton’s “The Spontaneous Evolution” and I was blown away. It was so interesting to know how civilizations come and go and with each cycle, there is a new theory about our existence. And with this theory our entire way of living changes. Dr Bruce Lipton claims that we are, right now, on the verge of casting away the Scientific Materialism civilization and emerging into a new one. He then goes out to point numerous evidences that are currently around us that support this theory. The passion and vigor in his talk seems to really shake and awake the listener to this reality. It was not just an eye opener but also motivating for me to take action and bring changes in my day to day life.

Juicy Living, Juicy Aging

Juicy Living, Juicy Aging

On the other hand, Loretta Laroche was so entertaining and hilarious in putting out her message out in the movie “Juicy Living, Juicy Aging”. She covered the full spectrum and brought together all the aspects – energy, diet, emotions and behaviour (and language). Her formula En = FeJu  makes sense as she uses the metaphor of Fruits to show what it means to be Juicy into our day to day life. It was in a complete entertainer and educational.

From the lectures, I sampled the Caroline Myss and got curious to understand the different Archetypes and how they have been encoded within us to allow us to fulfil our life purpose. These are the reasons why we are the person like we are. Understanding these Archetypes will help us to identify the inherent strength that we come with and use that to empower our lives. I am now curious to take the Archetype Test on www.archetypes.com

If you listened to any of the speakers from Day 02, post your experience in the comments below. If you missed these session, you have an option to own the whole copy (100 Speakers + 20 movies + loads of Bonus gifts). Click here for more information –

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  • Rachel

    I loved Loretta LaRoche’s video also. I was so entertaining that I couldn’t stop watching. I practically laughed through the whole thing. I am definitely going to take her advice about using different words to describe how I am feeling each day like succulent and moist…just like a piece of fruit! I know have her website bookmarked and have signed up for her e-mailing list to get more inspiration.

    • I was smiling as I read your comment, remembering the Video…. yes using those “Fruity” words itself makes one feel so light and uplifting. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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