Hay House World Summit 2014 | Day 01 Review

by Amod Joshi on June 2, 2014

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Hay House World Summit 2014 – Day 01 Review

The much awaited Hay House World Summit 2014 started on 31-May-2014. Although this year, there were 2 types of registration available – Free and Paid ($7), it did not take me long to decide to take the Paid Registration as for $7 what was offered was way over its true worth. Choice of over 100 motivational Speakers and 20 Inspirational Videos, made it a lucrative deal. I knew I won’t be able to listen to all 10 speakers offered each day over the 10 day long Summit, plus watch the movies, especially with a 2 month old baby at home. But, the idea of having a choice to listen to something inspiring each day and may be catch up a few movies along the way, itself was worth the $7 spent.

The Day 01 of the journey began with some of my favourite speakers – Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Cheryl Richardson.

Hay House World Summit 2014 - Day 01

I started off with Louise Hay’s interview by Robert Holden and instantly, I realised that I was up for a treat. Not only Louise was sharing some amazing insights from her success story, Robert Holden (a Hay House author & Teacher) was also sharing his experience and knowledge. Both made such a wonderful combination, that my 1 hour 4 mins were well spent. Louise started off talking about her inner “ding” – another word (which resonated with me so much after hearing her) to intuition. Robert and Louise both sharing some wonderful experiences of how they were able to hear and follow their inner “ding” and were led to the place where they are today. Robert also steered the conversation so well to touch many topics like – “The Mirror Exercise”, “Affirmations”, “Forgiveness”, “Self Love”, “Gratitude” and few more. With each topic came a beautiful story, experience and wonderful wisdom from both Louise & Robert.

Another highlight of Day 01 was the video “You Can Trust Your Life” – 6 hrs+ recorded session of Cheryl Richardson & Louise Hay’s workshop in London. One of my friend saw it all and said she couldn’t switch it off and went for full 6 hours. It was so powerful and so awesome!! I will have to catch it up later when I buy the whole pack later.

If you listened to any of the speakers from Day 01, post your experience in the comments below. If you missed these session, you have an option to own the whole copy (100 Speakers + 20 movies + loads of Bonus gifts). Click here for more information –

HHWS 2014 Sales Package

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