Dr Wayne Dyer – Happy 74th Birthday

by Amod Joshi on May 10, 2014

Dr Wayne DyerTruly called the “Father of Motivation”, Dr Wayne Dyer (born on 10-May-1940) is a living Master of Wisdom. He has written over 30 books, with his recent book “I Can See Clearly, Now” has again topped the Best Seller charts. This book followed the previous Best Sellers – The Power of Intention, Wishes Fulfilled, You Erroneous Zone (his first book) and others, and brings along a much refined and consolidated wisdom. As said in the title “I Can See Clearly Now”, Dr Wayne Dyer is able to explain, with his own life examples, why certain things happen in our life and we only find out later that they happened for a bigger reason. The book is not only a reflection into Dr Dyer’s life, but it is also a consolidation of the wisdom that has flown through this incredible person.
I can go on praising Dr Wayne Dyer and this space will not be sufficient to hold the light that he has brought into this world. But through this blog post, which is also my salutation to him on his 74th Birthday, I want to highlight a few teaching that I learned from him and I follow each day –
  • “We are Spiritual Being having Human experience and not the other way round” – This has had a profound impact on me as I was able to see the spiritual side of every individual around me. I am now able to associate their existence and the fact that they have interfaced in my life. When I see different people, rich, poor, fat, thin, good, bad and so on, I see the spirit within them having an experience of being human. Most of worries and stress disappear as I understand that any difficulty that I am facing is adding to my experience here on the human-earth.
  • “Change the way you look at things and the things that you look at change” – Another one that has helped me to face any difficult situation. Remembering these words has always given me strength to think positive thoughts in midst of adversity.
  • “I am realistic, I expect Miracles”  – This quote always brings smile to me as I do expect miracles and they do happen all the time
  • Father’s day gift to kids – Dr Wayne Dyer, on Father’s day, give away gifts to all his kids, thanking them for making him Father. I have copied that too and each year I buy gift for my children and I am in immense gratitude for allowing me to celebrate this day.

There are many, many more and I can go on forever. But I would like to stop here and wish Dr Wayne Dyer a very Happy Birthday and hope your wisdom touched many many people.

Thank you Dr Wayne Dyer!!

What are things that you learned from Dr Wayne Dyer. Share by putting a comment below or join me on the Google + community – Dr Wayne Dyer’s Teachings

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