The Ultimate Question

by Amod Joshi on October 26, 2013

The Ultimate QuestionSome time ago, I wrote an article on the topic “Who Am I?” It was mainly addressed to the fact that we are spiritual beings rather than physical beings. But as I continue to study this fabulous topic called “Life”, I came to realize that this is actually the Ultimate Question that we all live our entire life to find the answer for. As we start to understand the answer to this Ultimate Question, we find ourselves becoming free from all our sufferings.

This takes me back to one of the most ancient scripts of Vedanta (or Upanishads), which talks about the 5 main causes of sufferings in our life –

  1. Not knowing who you are
  2. Being attached or addicted to the impermanent
  3. Being afraid of impermanence
  4. Being identified by a false self – called EGO
  5. Fear of death

Now, if we think about it, all the 5 causes can be traced back to the first question – Now knowing who we are. So, if we knew who we are  – i.e. We are Spiritual beings and we are here to have Physical experience. And since we are Spiritual beings, we have really no boundaries or limitations. We are eternal beings and although we may perish the physical body, we still continue the journey in a different form. Once we understand that, we are then no longer – Attached or addicted to anything, Be afraid of losing anything, or be looking for any identification though EGO and of course, being eternal, there is no fear of death. Thus the Ultimate Question then becomes who we are?

Although to some extent, “We are Spiritual Beings” answers the Ultimate Questions, it is really the experience and self exploration that gives the satisfaction and true understanding of the Question and the Answer. Before we are born, when we are the spirit, we know the answer to this Ultimate Question. Then as we step into this world as a baby, we do not bring this answer along with us into our consciousness. But we make our way to this understanding though the study of work done and recorded in our history. I like the way Esther Hicks calls it as leaving Breadcrumbs along the path so that we come back to this planet earth we keep reading these book and continue to gain this understanding, thus increasing the collective consciousness.

It is just like the movie “50 First Dates”. In the Movie, the character Lucy Whitmore suffers from short-term memory, where she looses all her memory each night about the past day. So each day when she wakes up thinking it is still Oct 13, 2002. Henry Roth comes along and helps her by creating “breadcrumbs” so that she can come to the understanding of the true situation and then live the rest of the day with the new awareness. Relating this to our lives… Aren’t we living the “50 first dates” life with each life on this planet?



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  • Charlotte Crone

    Hi Amod, I love the idea of living your life as the ‘first fifty dates’. This morning has been a bit like when you gets to see the video of herself that shows all of their experiences and she is overwhelmed, sad and then happy. This is how I felt. I have done my writing challenge, crying because I realise I can do it and sad that I had forgotten but accepting of where I have been and am now, living my life and loving it. I have read the Vedanta Treatise many years ago. It has inspired me to get it from my bookshelf and reread it. Thank you Amid and I dip my wings to you.

    • Thank you Charlotte. I am so glad that the post touched you in many ways 🙂

  • Very cool post. Might I add I like the idea of how we are spiritual beings, but are on this Earth in a physical form. I completely agree, we are boundless, and limitless and nothing should hold people back from achieving whatever they want.

    I like the idea of the breadcrumbs, but are you saying that are lives are pre-destined due to the fact that we are trying to find these breadcrumbs?

    Cool post though! 😀

    • Kevin….. you hit it right!! We are Spiritual beings and we come here on Earth for Physical experience…. to become the river, the mountains, the animals or……..Humans… physical forms….
      Is the life predestined?….. (You are peeling an onion now)… For a moment assume that there is no linear time…. everything is happening simultaneously… (which is what many “enlightened” people have come to understanding)… then there is no post or pre…. So…. is the life predestined???…. I will try to go in this question in my next post!! Watch the space…… Thanks and Love your enthusiasm Kevin!!

      • Ah I see what you are saying! Well with saying that we should ignore time, then perhaps we should look at this like Parmenides, which he had a belief that time did not exist. What is in the past does not exist, which makes a non being. Which means that we are living in a current state of living which makes us a being, because the present is the only thing that is relevant to life. So perhaps with this thought we can concur that perhaps there is no predestined plan, but that we create our own path as we move on in our journey. I also like the thoughts of Heraclitus and he believed that nothing was permanent. That perhaps life is always changing, and that what we see as stable is actually non-stable. He believed that the only thing that was stable is the one truth that creates all of life.

        This is just some food for thought my friend, and I would definitely read your post about predestination if you choose to write about it! And I am always willing to help! 😀
        Oh, and I appreciate the reply!

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