Healthy Eating comes from Healthy Thinking

by Amod Joshi on September 4, 2013

Healthy Eating

My wife and I decided to have soup for dinner one night. We were bit lazy and decided to use one of the packet soup this time. We had not used a packet soup for almost last 3 years. We made switched over to “Healthy Eating” (fresh veggies & fruits rather than packet food) during my wife’s first pregnancy 3 years ago. Before that we used to have packet soup almost once or twice in a week and we used to enjoy it. (We thought it is easy and healthy too). But this time, it tasted horrible. And I don’t think it was anything to do with the brand or any changes that might have happened over last 3 years to the packaged food industry. It was about our awareness. As we became aware of the amazing taste, quality and nutritional benefits of a soup made from the real tomatoes and pumpkins and varies lentils, our taste preference changed. We now realise that the powered soup not only is not good for our health but also tastes so artificial.

Another example is – cheese. If you ever have eaten processed cheese, you would know what I am talking about. We ate it for several years, only to later realize that it tastes like plastic as compared to the original cheese. The unprocessed cheese tastes yummier and is so good for our body.

“Manufactured foods sounds ridiculous. You can’t M-A-N-U-F-A-C-T-U-R-E Food…. Food GROWS.”Louise Hay

I have heard so many health experts, celebrities and dieticians say that we should eat fresh and healthy food rather than the McDs or other junk food. To be frank, there was a time when I felt that people who did not eat junk are missing all the fun and so

me of the tastiest things in their life. But only as my awareness increased about the food and what it does to our body and mind, my attitude towards food changed. The same junk food that was mouth-watering some time ago, it now seems like an unbearable sight. I am not here to advice anyone to consider leaving the junk food and switch over to the fresh food. As it is said “The Teacher comes when the Student is ready”. Similarly, once you reach the level of the awareness you will leave the junk behind and enjoy the real goodness of life.

At the same time, I feel that you should not really try to switch diets and food habits by being sacred of the food facts that you read or hear from someone. There are always some or the other trend going on in the Food industry. Sometime they research and discover that Egg is good and then Egg is bad, then Milk (lactose) becomes bad and then good again and now it’s gluten’s turn. All such research are intended to add to the awareness and helps us get better in our food choices, but don’t just simply follow without complete understanding. What I do is, I follow and listen to my body and intuitionally I know which food to pick. Being mindful while eating helps a lot in this case. While eating, I get the feeling if I am feeding my body the right food or not. And I remember those thoughts and then consciously make the correct food choices next time. That way, I create my own labels of what is healthy for me and what is not healthy or junk.

Bottom line is – Enjoy the food that you eat – with all the senses involved – smell, taste, touch and sight and you will hear it talk to you and your body. You become the driver for the change in your eating. Healthy Eating will come from Healthy Thinking (higher awareness).


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