The True Act of Forgiveness

by Amod Joshi on July 30, 2013


Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. – Mark Twain

Just dwell upon this quote for a while. It is the best description of the act of forgiveness that you would ever find. Imagine the violet flower being crushed under a shoe heal. The flower then doesn’t curse or resent from being crushed, but it just leaves a wonderful fragrance on the same shoe heal that crushed it. Have you forgiven anyone like this in your life?

There are millions of people suffering from depression because someone in their life – a person or a situation, crushed them, their feeling or their emotions and they could not get back to them. The whole life these people live in resentment and some even develop various diseases out of such unhappy living. Whereas, the person or the situation which seem to be the cause of the suffering has already moved on. Sometimes I see so much anger and hatred built inside these people, that they do not even realised that it is only doing bad to themselves. It is like the person who gets angry and decide to pick up a burning coal to throw at the other person, not realising that the coal is going to burn him first. Anger, hatred and resentment against someone else or a situation will only harm oneself, their body and their mind.

Supressing or ignoring and or something switching over to a positive thought does not remove the bitterness that is build inside these people. It only helps like a temporary pain relief tablets. The pain will come back again – now or later. The only way to get over the situation and remove the pain altogether is by forgiving – the person, the situation and even oneself.

For many days I couldn’t understand, how to forgive anyone. I heard about doing meditation, bringing that person to mind and forgiving him by saying “I forgive you.” But I tried that and I still did not feel it were only words for me. Then I realised that I need to go beyond that. If I try to imagine that I have forgiven someone, then that should mean that I have no resentment for that person. This should leave me looking at that person only in appreciation and love. Hence to forgive, according to me to not to picture someone in your meditation and release them from your unspoke curse. Instead, I picture the person and then with a beautiful smile, I embrace the person with a heart filled of gratitude. I thank them for teaching a valuable lesson of my life. I then let them turn around and walk away, while I stay there waving a goodbye, till they reach far away and disappear. At the end of this meditation, I feel satisfied and relieved.

One of my friend on Google+ quoted this “Forgiveness does so much more for the forgiver than the forgiven.” – Kimberly Braun, M.A.


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