Greatness lies within us

by Yolanda Regueira Marin on July 21, 2013

Greatness lies within us

A few nights ago I attended a Law Society Meeting.  Boring I hear you say?  Well, it was at a Greek restaurant so the food was amazing. Law and The Greeks, quite a combination.

This particular meeting was hosted by the Young Lawyers Association in Sydney.  Of course there were some ‘more experienced lawyers’ there …. Trying not to use the ‘O’ word.  If nothing else, I am always politically correct.  I’m sure those of you who know me are probably snickering right about now.  Anyway, back to the story.  A room full of fresh faced, ambitious professionals starting out in their careers. Such an exciting place to be …

The guest speaker was the retired Director of Public Prosecutions. I looked across at him and I could feel my eyes slowly drooping before he had even started speaking, the head gradually starting to lower … Wake up, I told myself!!  He actually turned out to be highly intelligent, successful and a very interesting man.  What I took from him besides some wonderful stories, was his advice to the young lawyers in the room. Advice that applies to every one of us, in all aspects of life.  I will extend on it with my own thoughts.

Don’t be in a hurry to attain everything you want in life all at once, savour each moment. I am sure that there are times we all feel that things are never going to eventuate. We grow impatient waiting for life to provide. What I have found is that when you achieve something that you have been working towards for some time, finally reaching the destination is so much sweeter when you have taken the time to enjoy the journey.

Always leave yourself open to opportunities and be courageous enough to open the door when they come knocking.  This can sometimes be harder than you think.  For many of us there is always the worry that a wrong decision will be made.  We must remember that an open mind is not an empty mind, but a mind with the capacity to be filled with knowledge and experience.  We should always strive to be the best we can be and the things we seek will come to us.

We need to accept that we will make mistakes along the way, after all we are human.  The important thing is to acknowledge them, fix them if we can and make amends, if necessary. Most importantly we should try to learn from them so that hopefully, we can do things differently in the future.

Always be true to yourself, though we may try to, it is impossible to please everyone.  Even if we are misunderstood or disliked for who we are and/or for the decisions we make, I truly believe that we will earn the respect of even the harshest critic by following our own principles.  Sometimes that respect may be very well hidden, but it is respect nonetheless. There is always admiration for someone that fights for what they believe in.

His last words of advice were to maintain humility throughout life.  No matter what our achievements, there have been people who have given support along the way and our success may not have happened without them.  Though their journey may lead them in a different direction, each person met on our journey has crossed our path for a reason.

When I got home that night I tried to analyse why his words had had such an impact.  He had said nothing that I had not heard before and was not already aware of.  What I realised, is that his words had reinforced what I already knew, at a time when I most wanted to hear it.

We all need to be reminded at times that the greatness lies within us.


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  • Yolanda is a wonderful writer and we are grateful to have her write a Guest post on MyLifePuzzle. I strongly encourage you all to check her blog –

    One of my favorite is the poem she wrote – “We are One”

    • Yobial Marin

      Thank you AJ … yes, we often miss the opportunities. Ther eis a lot of hindsight in life. I am glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Thank you for your lovely words Amod 🙂

  • A Long

    Inspiring post Yolanda! I especially like “Always leave yourself open to opportunities and be courageous enough to open the door when they come knocking.” We don’t always recognize Opportunity or answer in time!

  • Vashti Q-Vega

    Great post Yolanda, very inspiring.

    • Yobial Marin

      Hey there Vashti, thank you for reading.

  • madhavi sood

    Wonderful and so very inspiring post here. Thank you @AmodJoshi:disqus and @yobialmarin:disqus for sharing it. Yes, indeed many a time, in our pursuit for more success we tend to overlook the actual journey and forget to savour every moment life gives us… I really liked the way you put forth your experience ! And Yes, thank you once again for reminding that there lies greatness within all of us’ … just the right words I needed today to uplift my self 🙂 Sharing this and hope to ‘connect’ with you and your writing and hope to traverse alongside with you on your journey.
    With lots of best wishes & regards,
    madhavi sood (Author of ‘From the Silence Within’)

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