Is your Prayer – Begging Prayer or Affirmation Prayer?

by Amod Joshi on July 5, 2013

Begging PrayerListening to Michael Beckwith as part of the Hay House World Summit 2013, I learnt this concept of Begging Prayer and an Affirmation Prayer and immediately I made a switch. Now I only do Affirmation Prayers each morning and I feel so empowered. Let us look at the difference.

“Prayer is our way to talk to God. Intuition is God’s way to talk to us”

Begging Prayer:

“Oh God!! Please help me. Please please give me some more ——”. This is the most common type of Prayer and most of us do it this way. But here we are coming from level of lack and limitation and asking for more. Observe your thoughts when you say something like this to God (or Higher Self or Universe etc.). Generally the feeling or the emotions that precede and follow this prayer are typically – “I don’t have…..” which is telling God / Universe that you lack certain things and then the Law of Attraction comes into force and brings that things that you are in resonance with – which may be lack and limitation. Although, this type of prayer may seem like a very natural response to the situation you are in, but remember, most of the responses that seem to be very logical or natural may have a root in the Paradigm – the program in your mind, which can be changed. We should make Affirmation Prayer as a natural response to any difficult situation where we need help from the God.

Affirmation Prayer:

“Thank you, God!! I am so happy and grateful that I have —– and you continue to give me more and more.” Or “Thank you, God!! You have brought me here and gave me some amazing experience. Continue to shower your blessings and make me better and better and better.” These are some examples of Affirmation Prayers. Notice the feeling or the emotions while saying this prayer – there is abundance, growth, limitless possibilities, peace and confidence. Affirmation prayers directly put you into the frequency of receiving and Law of Attractions brings you all the good things that are resonating in that frequency. Affirmation prayer also brings the focus and direction of the prayers inwards, where the God is actually residing. God is not an outside entity or a force who comes to help. God is within us and by doing an Affirmation prayer, we are appreciating the God-ness (and the goodness) within us and we continue to flourish.

Remember, both the prayers will be answered as there cannot be a question without and an answer. But the begging prayer will be answered typically by a sign, an inspired thought, a provoked action, which is required to bring you, out from the lower frequency into the higher frequency of receiving and then you receive the things that you have asked for.  With Affirmation Prayer, you are already there, so good things just flow to you and it feels like Magic!!

Always start your prayers with “Thank You!! And list at least a couple of things that you are grateful for, before asking for more.

Enjoy your prayers!!

PS: I may have used the word “God” quite often I the post, but can be replaced by Universe, Higher Self etc.. It just feels natural (I am programmed) to associate prayers with God ; )

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