Every Dream Comes True …. A fascinating True Story

by Madhavi Sood on May 29, 2013

Every Dream Come TrueAmazing how every dream comes true and I am now able to put forth onto actual words like this.

 I had often dreamt and meditated about my books being published and would wish and visualize of this happening. I even dreamt that I would be running and walking again, when I was very ill and bedridden, fighting for my life. I would pen down poems then and sketch or simply write down all the wishes I wished to do in Life. The first, being able to get back and walk normally again without any pain or swellings.

Living each day was a great challenge in itself. As I could barely walk without any support, or even fold my knees to sit comfortably. Many a time, tears would roll down, and I would feel overwhelmed with helplessness at my own self!

I fiercely prayed and listened to all the sacred mantras, especially the Gayatri Mantra, the Ganesha Atharvasheesh, the Hanumaan Chalisa and all the hymns & devotional songs that I loved. The soothing chants would fill me with renewed hope and gave me courage to move on from day to day.

I felt grateful though to the Almighty, that I was alive having almost died with a Near-death experience (NDE) and was able to put into words all my feelings through poems, short stories and sketches & paintings.

My fingers and wrists were swollen and they felt numbed as I penned down verses lying on my bed watching the changing colours through the open window. But my heart and soul felt free and light as I wrote each poem and fiction down. I prayed and hoped to walk and run again…

My spirit somewhere was alive, whilst my body was like a crumbled building; waiting to be built again, brick-by-brick!

I Believe ….

…that the Universe is full of radiant, effervescent energy.  I realized this after a close NDE (near-death experience) and know now that we all are part of that wonderful energy that makes each one of us shine!

I Believe ….

…that after the darkest night, the sun will always shine forth, pushing all the darkness away, every times. And in-spite of whatever, one endures in Life – the human spirit and our soul will shine and this is the inherent truth that one needs to feel and understand. I have seen Life at close quarters from being a high achiever at school & college and later at work.

But then everything somehow came to a standstill, as I was stuck with disease and got bedridden. I was in my prime and the next moment I had this NDE. It was perhaps my zest for living and love from my family & doctor’s care that brought me back from the depths of pain and darkness and for a purpose yet to be fulfilled that perhaps egged me on to recover faster and write poems and stories and sketch & paint .

Sometimes our deepest desires are the ones that push us to move on and do and be all that we want to do & be in Life.  At times I had lost sense of myself in pain and at those times Light & Nature beckoned me to pen poems and words which flowed down like a cascade while I was still lying down on my bed looking through the window at the sky & green trees by my bedside. My parents & husband & my in-laws supported me at each step and my doctors treated me so that I could live again and come back from a crumbled building to one who could support others and sustain. With various medicines and Yoga & Praanaayaam; I slowly recovered….

I have always been close to Nature and I love kids. I feel there is a child inside all of us who gives us freedom to be what we are and can be.  Being blessed with a wonderful daughter, I continue to learn this through her. The poems in this book “From the Silence Within”, were written by me whilst I was bed ridden and ‘fighting for life’. Most of them are soul stirring, inspiring and motivating the self. Some poems are funny and a few lyrical and some romantic too.  Yet most of them are motivating and dealing with Life in its different shades and hues.

From the Silence Within_2

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Madhavi Sood’s Poems “From the Silence Within” are expressions of Life and Living in its different shades and hues. The author, a high achiever, was faced with a near death experience, in the prime of her life and was bed-ridden with disease. Her poems eased her pain and gave her renewed strength and hope to survive. These poems are filled with inspiration that will touch your soul.

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  • Monique

    Thank you for sharing this powerful and inspiring message, Madhavi! I appreciate you!

  • C.M. Truxler

    Beautifully written as usual Madhavi. You live a wondrous and powerful life. You are an inspiration my dear friend. I wish you all the best.

  • Karen Ingalls

    A beautiful and inspiring true story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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