The Secret of Living Longer

by Amod Joshi on April 21, 2013

Appa JoshiMy grandfather (Appa Joshi) died recently and left a big vacuum in my mind. He has been my role model and my favourite person in this whole world. Since I live in Australia and he lived in India, I couldn’t meet him (physically) before he decided to depart. That  just intensified the emotions within me. That same day, one thought kept lingering in my mind and it was his words – “Discipline. We must discipline ourselves to do the right things”. It now occurs to me that he was sharing his secret of living longer, happier and successful life.

Discipline is not just being strict with ourselves and depriving ourselves from any desires. Discipline, as Bob Proctor explains, is when you give yourself a command and you follow it. It is about being true to yourself. When you say that you want to reduce weight and then the next thing is that you are eating a rich cream cake, it says that you are not being true to yourself. Either what you think you want (e.g. reduced weight) is not right , or you are not disciplined to allow your wants to manifest. Discipline is the backbone in the manifestation process. As you state your desires (“Ask”) and strengthen your beliefs (“Believe”), discipline helps you to be on the track as you create the things that you desired (“Receive”).

How does discipline help living longer?

In my recent trip to India, I met some people who were 75+ years old and were fit as an athlete. I asked them if they would share their secret to living longer. Here is what they had to say –

Joshi Guruji  – “Still at this age, I exercise regularly. I have always followed a routine and made sure I stick to it. Eating at the correct time, waking up early and exercising, these have kept my body and mind active and fresh.”

Vasant Kulkarni“I still play cricket at this age. I am president of various organisations and actively participate in all their programs. The key secret to this is a regular routine. I wake up at 5am each day and go out for a walk and regularly exercise. I follow lunch and dinner times and eat the right food. It was all possible because I disciplined myself in this way and it never felt hard. And it is paying off now a big time.”

Analysing it further (no scientific proof, these are just my thoughts), having a discipline or a regular routine, helps our body to function in a steady pattern. Imagine that our Body is like a system, made up of many functions – digestion, muscle building and restoring, cleansing, healing, motion control etc. An irregular routined body has to then execute these function as they are triggered from the outside world and hence the body becomes more reactive and hence very susceptible to illnesses. Seldom, such body never gets to doing the function of healing, resulting into slow dissemination of the body and hence early extinction. Whereas , an regular routine body functions efficiently through a schedule. It performs each function in the given time and is able to do most of the function resulting into a healthy and well protected body and hence longer life.

Discipline and Punishment

While trying to induce discipline within children, most of the schools introduce a punishment program. “If you don’t do this, you will be punished.” This has made discipline become a synonym of strictness or punishment. The correct synonym of discipline should be “Self-Control” and it never looked at it that way. Self-Control also means that you are in control of your body, mind and wellbeing and not the outside world. Living inside out rather than outside in.

As you try to implement discipline within you or your children, try implementing a rewards program. Every time you do the things that you have decided you will do, reward yourself. But be aware not to set the reward expectation first. Otherwise, it becomes a punishment in disguise – “If you do this, you will be rewarded” is same as “If you don’t do it, you will not be rewarded (which equates to punishment)”. Just decide – “I will wake up early tomorrow”, and if you do so, reward yourself. If you don’t wake up, that is ok, give it another go the next day (till you discipline yourself).

Put more years to your life…. Give yourself a command and follow it!!

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  • akshaya

    Such a nice message. Discipline in everything is crucial to maintain balance.

    • You are absolutely right. Thank you Akshaya.

  • Nalinda Karunaratna

    Really liked the article Amod. Very inspirational!

  • Yobial Marin

    Good article … food for thought

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