Why Visualization is not working for you?

by Amod Joshi on December 27, 2012


Visualization is one of the important tool in the Manifestation process. While visualization has been used since a long time in the history, its popularity has increased recently, after its use by the Russian athletes in the Olympic games. It was found that the athletes who did physical training for 25% of the time and mental exercises for 75% of the time, had more success than those who did the physical training, a 100% of the time.

Visualization is very effective and can help manifest anything that you desire – a new job, a new car, healing a disease or even finding the right soul mate. It is rightly said – “If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands”.

If you have not been able to make the visualization work for you, it must be only because of, either or both of these 2 reasons:-

  1. Clarity in the visualization
  2. Regular Practice

Clarity in Visualization

As you visualize the goal that you want to achieve, you only and only have to focus on the end result. If you want the new job, see yourself at your new desk. Imagine talking to your new boss or colleges. If you want the new car, go test drive that car and then fill your visualization with all the pieces that your 5 senses have sampled during the test drive. If you want to holiday at some exotic location, pick up a holiday magazine or jump on the internet and look at the photos of that place. visualize yourself in that beach chair.

To bring more clarity to the visualization, you can take help from the 5 senses and feed them all the necessary pieces to complete the picture. For example, if you are visualizing your new job, then get the exact picture of everything that you may have in the office environment. Right from the coffee mug that you will hold to the picture frame on the wall, try to capture as much details as possible.

Another way to intensify the visualization effect is to use a guided visual meditation technique. Write down in detail, as much as possible, what you want. Add some pictures as well. Then read out the description and record it in your own voice. (if you find listening to your own voice a bit strange, get some one else to read it out for you. But there should be a lot of emotions attached to the reading). Then use this recording as your guided meditation audio. As you close your eyes and listen to it, visualize the scene on your mental screen and feel the emotions or the feelings.

Regular Practice

Doing a “once in a while” visualization (aka day dreaming) is good. But to get the exact results that you want, you have to do a regular practice. With each visualization, the clarity will increase and also your mind (sub-conscious mind) will start accepting it as a fact (instead of a dream). As soon as this happens, you have already manifested that thing in the mental realm and it is only the matter of time, when it will be realised in the physical realm.

Ideal time to practice visualization is in the morning as soon as you wake up and just before getting into the sleep and can be combined with meditation.

Visualization is simple but not easy. You just have to be persistent and practice it each day. Manifestation of your dreams is then a guarantee!!

What is that one thing, you would like to manifest? Share using the comment below.

Image courtesy – Colton Witt

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