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by Amod Joshi on November 28, 2012

For past few months, I have been thinking of buying a meditation music CD. And I found this meditation CD composed by James Twyman and Dr. Wayne Dyer – called “I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation”. Here is the story how I landed on this CD and my experience with it –

Generally while meditating, I have no trouble switching myself off from the outside world. My all five senses gets shutdown, as I start entering into a deep meditation state. I wondered, if I still need an external help in form of a Music CD? But I noticed one thing. Each time I used a guided meditation, my experience of deep meditation was even more intense. I was able to feel the energy. I was able to experience the oneness with everything that ever is. This made me realize that there is far more benefits of a guided meditation or a meditation music CD, than I had known.

RelaxingMusicIf you are a beginner and want to practice the meditation, an external music or guided voice helps you switch off you from the surrounding noise and the only thing you hear is the music or the voice. Similarly, the other 4 senses can be switched off by – putting a scented candle in front of you (sense of smell), drinking a glass of water before meditation (sense of taste), closing your eyes (sense of sight) and sitting in a comfortable position with arms resting on your lap (sense of the touch).

Apart from this, by listening to a meditation music or a guided voice, you align yourself to it at a vibrational level. The sound waves are nothing but vibrations and they penetrate your subconscious mind, taking your deeper and deeper into the meditation state. Initially, just as you start the meditation, your conscious awareness allows your physical ear drum to decode the sound and your hear the music or the voice. But as you go deeper and lesser consciously aware, the sound waves just enter the subconscious mind, giving you the experience of your greater self. This is how most of the subliminal programs work. They directly program the subconscious mind and change the paradigms.

Hence it is very important to have a very good meditation CD. Something that will allow you to experience a deep meditation. James Twyman, after intense research for his book “The Moses Code”, discovered the exact sound associated with the words “I Am”. I Am – is the name of God found in the Old Testament, translated from Hebrew as “I am that I am”. It refer backs to the story, where Moses hears the voice of God from the burning bush and he asks, who are you? The God Replies – “I Am that I Am”.

I-Am-Wishes-Fulfilled-Meditation-Wayne-DyerWhen I first meditated with this music, I experienced the true divine state. While the exact experience is hard to explain and it also differs from every person, the underlying effect is that it is so peaceful and relaxing. I felt, that the sound of the tuning fork also resembled the sound of “Om”, which is the powerful sound as per Hindu religion. The sound of OM, is said to encompass all words, all sounds in human language.

Meditation music is just like any other music. There is nothing as right or wrong and every person may have their own liking and it may even change by time. Today you may feel like listening to Jazz and tomorrow it may be Classical. Same is with the meditation. Choose a meditation music that suits you. Go by your intuition.

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