The Star Exercise

by Nalinda Karunaratna on November 21, 2012

The book Science of Being by Eugene Fersen gave me a completely different perspective to energy and how we can use it to live a happy and fulfilling life. The question is where does this energy come from? I found the answer in this book. Eugene Fersen describes this energy as Universal Life Energy.

This is how Science of Being explains the life energy, “Universal Life Energy is everywhere. It is the First Manifestation of the Great Principle, the Causeless Cause Itself”

If you are familiar with the term ‘Chi’ (Qi) energy (a term used in Chinese medicine and martial arts), it is exactly the same. If you turn attention to your own inner body, you will feel this energy flow. It might feel like river flowing through your body. This life current suggests to us that we all are living things and it is the life behind everything in this universe.

Science of Being states that “As Universal Life Energy is limitless and all powerful, the more it flows into the body the stronger the individual becomes”.

Why do we need this energy? What is its importance? The spiritual teacher, Echart Tolle, in his bestselling book, the Power of Now, says that this energy is much more vital than food. It is essential to everything we do. It is our real essence. Separating from this is like separating a fish from the water. We cannot survive without it. This energy is what determines how we go about our daily work. If you see an active person, we usually say that person has lot of energy. Essentially, what we say is that the person is full of Universal Life Energy.

Now the question is how to increase the flow of Universal Life Energy in your body. I have briefly mentioned one method, which is to be the observer of your inner body. When you give your attention to inner energy field, it starts to grow. You will feel your whole body, or every cell of your body, getting energized. It is a completely different feeling from what most people commonly know. You have to feel it for yourself to realise what an amazing feeling this is, and the more attention you give, the greater intensity of the feeling. I shall talk more about this subject in my coming posts.

There is another method, perhaps one of the easiest methods that you can try. This method was invented by Eugene Fersen himself and he called it “The Star Exercise”.

This is what, he has to say about this powerful exercise – “The Star Exercise, is indeed a KEY TO ALL POWER, unlocking and bringing forth in Man all his latent powers and forces.”

What is this star exercise? The Star Exercise is the physical method to connect to the Universal Life Energy and let it flow through your body. Eugene states that “You are to open your body to the inflow of the Universal Life Energy outside of it. The life force within, from its center in your body, then acts as a magnet and attracts the Force from without. Your Life Center (located bottom of your spine) within, stimulated by the current of Universal Life Energy from without, takes in that Force, transforms it into the life current of the body and sends this changed condition to the Solar Plexus, its reservoir or storehouse. From there it is conveyed by the nerves throughout the whole system”. Which means When the body is in the star position, it naturally attracts energy from outside. Therefore when the body is in the star position, it pulls energy from the universe, which it then distributes throughout your body.

How to do it? It is recommended you do this exercise bare feet, wearing comfortable, and loose cloths, and preferably outside or near an open window to get more fresh air. Also it is best to do the exercise on an empty, or near empty stomach.

The Star Exercise - Main Position

The Star Exercise – Main Position – Image One

Please refer to image one. Stand in a star position as depicted in image one. The feet should be about shoulder width apart, with arms extended out on each side, at shoulder level. The left palm is facing up and the right palm is facing down. While you are in this position, consciously relax your entire body. Now, start to breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you first start doing this exercise your arms may feel tired. However you don’t have to force yourself to keep them out straight. You can slowly lower both your arms; however make sure to keep the connection with the energy flow active by keeping the positions of your two palms. Refer Image Two for more information. Once you feel comfortable raise both your arms back to the first position.

The Star Exercise - Relaxing Position

The Star Exercise – Relaxing Position – Image Two

Also there are quite few variations to the exercise. One can do the exercise while facing both the palms upwards. Which means Universal Life Energy enters your body through both hands and going out and back to its source through your legs.

Also you can increase the effectiveness while focus on the meaning of these words “I am one with Universal Life Energy, it is flowing through me now. I feel it“. Also you can silently affirm to yourself.

How do we benefit from this? The exercise benefits are three fold;, physical, mental and spiritual. Therefore one can say that this exercise is important to a person’s contented state of being; his happiness, health and prosperity. A fundamental principle of the Nature is that it always seeks balance. Therefore whatever Universal Life Energy enters, it balances out. Practice the exercise to help you to live a balanced life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What you can achieve by using the Star Exercise will surpass anyone’s expectations. If you want to look younger and brighter you do not need plastic surgery or beauty therapies. This exercise will undoubtedly help you to look younger, brighter and feel stronger. If you feel as if you do not have enough energy to do your daily tasks, and often feel exhausted and fatigued, the star exercise will help you to move from this state to a highly energetic and enthusiastic state.

When it comes to mental activities, the star exercise balances out a person’s emotional state and improves their concentration power. It is well known that some students use some drugs to study more hours. If you start practicing the star exercise you no longer will have to take such drugs. Your concentration ability will increase and you will be able to study for longer hours without even needing a break. The star exercise will help you achieve physical and mental harmony.

Once you have made a strong connection with the Universal Life Energy, every cell of your body starts functioning perfectly. You will develop deep connection to your inner energy field and will be able to connect to your true self. In other words, you will start to awaken. This is the spiritual dimension of the exercise. Once you make this connection you will realise that you can achieve anything in your life with courage, poise, strength, and happiness.

Who can do it? Anybody of any age group; according Science of Being, this is extremely beneficial for young children, since it stimulates whole body, specially the brain, and child development will be much faster. Ask your children to come along with you to do this exercise everyday in the morning and the evening, just before you go to bed. Make it a family routine.

How long do I have to do? It depends. When you are starting the exercise for the first time, it is recommended not to do it longer periods. Three to five minutes is all that is needed, and no more than twice a day. Since your body is not used to getting large amount of energy you may feel uncomfortable or some pains if you try to do it longer. Once you get used to the exercise you can gradually increase the time to 10-15 mins and several times a day. The best time to perform it is in the morning immediately after getting up, and at night before going to bed. Try to make it to a daily habit, so that you won’t miss out your daily intake of this vital energy.

Some cautions: With the new level of energy in your body you can do unbelievable amount of work without any rest. But I would like to warn you, you should never replace your sleep with this exercise. Sleep is absolutely vital to your mind and your body. The number of hours of sleep may depend on the individual, but sleep is essential and cannot be replaced with anything else.

Try this exercise for next few days and let us know your progress and your experience. Share it by putting a comment below.

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