We are Spiritual Beings

by Amod Joshi on November 6, 2012

In the previous post – “Who am I?”, we brought into our awareness the fact that we are Spiritual beings, living in a Physical body and using our Mind to serve a specific purpose. As a spiritual being, we are part of that One Universal energy and hence have access to the infinite power and intelligence.

But the logical question then becomes, Why are we here? Why do we live a life and face all the problems and struggle? For that, let me take you through our life cycle. (I strongly recommend, you read the Who am I? before reading this one.)

We, the spiritual being, are part of the One Universal Energy. In the spiritual realm, everything is just as is, i.e. there is no rich or poor, up or down, good or bad. This is the main reason, why we (the spiritual being) come into the physical world – to experience the contrast. In the physical world, we can experience rich-poor, up-down, good-bad and many such contrasting situations.

Another aspect of the spiritual being is – Growth. We are always growing and we contribute to this physical world such that the physical world is always growing. This is the reason why we always want more. It is not the greed, but it is the core essence of the spiritual us that wants more. And we can have more as the spiritual energy is infinite. The real greedy person is the one who wants more for himself and less for others due to the fear of perceived scarcity.

Another way to understand the characteristic of Growth is to observe the nature around us. Everything is expanding. A seed grows into a plant and then into a tree. All the animals are born small and grow into a large beasts. Even the discoveries and inventions are all expanding our horizons.

To summarise this, we could draw the following as a representation of our life cycle –

Life Cycle

Now with this awareness, look around you. Look at the situation you are in. If you are facing a difficult situation or you are enjoying a success, you are experiencing the contrast. But also know, that you will not be there in the same situation always. The universe is growing and you will be presented the opportunity to grow out and above the situation.

Along with this, you are also contributing to the growth of this physical world. You can become a creator of new technology or lead an invention and directly contributing to the growth or you may be an indirect contributor and supporting or consuming such a creation. Even expressing a demand for a better life is a contribution as such demands will lead to someone stepping up and leading to a creation of a product that would support a better life.

Weather you are aware or not, you are experiencing the contrast and growing. By being aware of your spiritual nature, you will be able to enjoy this experience, while you are having it and also you will able to become the creator and contribute directly towards the growth.

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