Who am I?

by Amod Joshi on October 29, 2012

My 2.5 year old son asked me one day “Dad, Who am I?” I was quick to reply – “You are Tanay (his name), my son.” But I realised that the question had a deeper meaning and will resurface again in his later years.

Who am I Who am I? Father, son, husband, brother – these are just relationship names. that is not who I am. If I stand in front of a mirror, I can see my hands, my legs, my head – but these are parts of my body not me. Even my body as a whole is still “My” body. Something that I possess, not something that I am. Also, there are different bodies that I have lived in. There was a 5 year old body, then there was a teenage body and there is a body which I have now. So, even if I look at myself, I cannot say this is who I am, as my body will change again.

Am I the mind that speaks to me? The question itself has the answer. My mind speaks to me – meaning, I am not the mind. It is still something external to me as it speaks to me. My Mind is something very unique and exclusive to me. It is a tool that I have that gives me ideas, that helps me make decisions and talks back to me when I am solving a problem.

But if I am not my body and I am not my mind, then Who am I? A French philosopher, palaeontologist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardon, wrote this in his book “The Phenomenon of Man” –

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

We are spiritual beings, taking a form in this physical body and using our mind to serve a specific purpose. With this light, we can then derive that, at any given moment, we live in 3 planes – the Physical, the Mental and the Spiritual.

The spiritual being is infinite and most powerful. It has access to all the information. It knows everything. It has all the resources. It is the most peaceful and stable state. In the spiritual realm –  there is no time and space, there is no contrast (big & small, rich & poor). Everything is just as it is.

The Physical being on the contrary, is the lowest form of all the states. It is governed by the Physical (or Scientific) Laws. It is bound by the factors like Time and Space. It has 5 senses to gather information that is only available in the current physical world.

The Mental plane is the one that bridges the gap between the Physical and Spiritual. It is governed by the Universal Laws. It is connected to the infinite spiritual being and hence can access the infinite power and can use this power to create or manifest things in the physical world. On the flip side, it is also connected to the physical being and hence is also driven by the lack and limitations. This is the very reason, why most of us experience the 2 conflicting minds. One showing us the Physical reality and other pulling us towards infinite possibility.

This also leads us to an option of living 2 type of lives, while being in the physical body. Option 1 – living outside-in. In this option, the mind is more tuned to physical plane and we live our life based on what we – see, hear, smell, touch and taste. These 5 senses feed the mind and our mind being governed by the Universal Laws, can only manifest those things that it has information of. This is also called as Sub-Conscious or Unconscious living. For example – Common man, who works for a living and lives a mediocre life.

Option 2 – living inside-out. In this option, the mind is more tuned to the spiritual plane and we live our life based on our Life Purpose. Our actions and decision are more intuitional and mind has access to everything we can imagine. Hence mind can manifest limitless things and contribute great inventions and discoveries in this physical world. This is also called as Conscious living. For example – Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs etc.

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