What Type of a Person are you?

by Amod Joshi on October 22, 2012

Visual-Auditory-KinestheticTake this quick test and find out what type of a person are you. The outcome will help you to tweak your meditation, visualization and affirmation techniques, in such a way that you would get maximum benefits from it. Also, knowing what type of person, your boss or customer or your friends are, you will be able to present yourself in a way that they would understand you easily.

 To take the test, pick 1 of the 3 options that best describes you for each of the following questions. Then count the number of As, Bs & Cs and find out what type of person are you.

1When someone shares an idea, how do you respond?

A – This idea sounds good OR This idea doesn’t sound good.

B – This idea looks good OR This idea doesn’t look attractive

C – This idea feels right OR This idea doesn’t feel that great

2When you go out to buy a car, how do you decide if the car is good for you?

A – You start the engine, hear it running correctly. You play the stereo and check the sound. You kick the tyres, tap on the bonnet and hear all the sounds as the car drives.

B – You go around the car and look for the finishing and colour. You spot any scratches or marks. You get into the car, adjust the mirrors and look around your shoulders to see how your car looks.

C – You get inside the car and feel how it feels to sit at the driver’s seat. You feel the steering in your hands. You go around the car and feel the smoothness of the car’s body. When you test drive, you judge the car by the experience you have.

3If I ask you to close your eyes and imagine being in a roller coaster ride in Disneyland, you would –

A – hear the sound of people shouting in excitement

B – see the roller coaster to its details – colours, seat belts etc.

C – experience the sinking feeling in the stomach or feel the joy in taking the ride.

4You just came back from a golf game, where one of shot took the ball to a tree and bounced it in such a way that it landed very close to the next hole. Your narration of this incident will be something like this –

A – I swung the club – “swoosh” and the ball went high and hit a branch – “tuk” and “bang” landed so close the next hole

B – <You first draw the diagram of the situation> I was standing here, the tree was here and hole was on this side. The ball straight from here to the tree and landed here, just next to hole.

C – <You enact with lots of hand gestures> It was an amazing shot. It hit the tree and landed next to the hole. I was so surprised. I couldn’t stop laughing. I had a great time.

5When you want to cook a new dish, you would –

A – call a friend and ask them the recipe

B – read the recipe out of the book

C – start experimenting by adding ingredients and tasting as you go

Now count the number of As, Bs & Cs you have. The maximum type of letters you have , determines the person that you are.

You may have noticed that most of the “A” type answers are associated with – sound, hearing & speaking. These are Auditory people

The “B” type answers are associated with – seeing, showing & reading. These are Visual people

The “C” type answers are associated with – feeling or touching. These are Kinesthetic people.

Depending on weather you are Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic person, you absorb and respond to the surrounding in your own way. While the Auditory people will remember things by reading the words (aloud or in their head), Visual would remember things if they see those things and create a mental picture. The Kinesthetic people, may experience or physically touch the things for them to remember.

Now, if you are using tools like meditation or affirmations to keep yourself focused on the positive, then knowing what type of a person you are, will help you to use these tools in a better way. An Auditory person should meditate and hear himself saying the affirmations aloud or hear people giving positive responses. A Visual person should meditate and see the written affirmations or visualise the situation where people are saying good things about him. A Kinesthetic person should meditate and feel the feeling behind the affirmation or feel the people congratulating him. May be even, reach out his hand to do a hand-shake.

While making a Vision board – an Auditory person should have more words to read along with the pictures; a Visual person should have more objects and details and a Kinesthetic person should have more photos of people expressing their feelings – smiles, punching-the-air, celebrations etc.

If you know what type of person your boss or your customer is, then it will also help you to present them the product or idea, that will easily appeal them. Depending upon which type they fall into, you can ask them – “Does it sound right?” or “Is it looking good?” or “Do you feel this is what you want?”

Experiment and experience these small facets of life and you will see they make a great difference.

So, What type of a person did you turn out to be? Comment below and see how many people are like you?


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