Let Go and Let God

by Amod Joshi on October 5, 2012

“If a person will let go and let God, all things become possible”  – Bob Proctor in his book – You were Born Rich.

Let Go and Let God!

Do you know the key to effortless manifestation?

Bob, in this book, explains the 2 Principles for creating what you want. First – Relax and see yourself already in possession of the good that you desire. Second – Let Go & Let God. Once you have clearly communicated with the Universe what you want and you have done it with the feeling and passion, you then have to let the Universe work the best possible path to bring it to you.

Many spiritual leaders and motivational speakers have said that we should be in an Allowing State and let the Universe find the way to manifest into the physical world. That’s exactly what the 3rd Step in the movie ‘The Secret’ is all about – Receive. Here you move from Asking to Receiving mode.

Ask Believe Recieve

But knowing this very well and understanding it at the intellectual (logical) level, did not help me to be in an allowing state or become detached from the objective outcome. I would meditate, visualize and I would ask the thing that I want, again and again, all the time. Giving no chance to the Universe to respond to my requests. I was like a child in a candy shop.

When you take a child to a Candy Shop, the child will be so excited that he will start saying – “I want the red Candy Mummy…”, “I want the red Candy Mummy…”, “I want the red Candy Mummy…”, “I want the red Candy Mummy…”… Until you shout back and say, “Stop!! You won’t get anything until you behave properly.” Then you may add. “ I have already ordered a box of all colour candy. You are not even giving me a chance to tell you that.”

This is exactly what happens between us and the Universe. We go like this “I want that car. I want that money. I want that house”. We keep on asking and then though our meditation, affirmations and visualization, we keep repeating it. We go on and on and then we conclude that this stuff doesn’t work. The other times, we are not sure what we want and keep changing our request. The Universe never gets a chance to bring the things that we want into the physical world. Sometime, the Universe (like the Mom in the above story) has to shout back and may be send a big bill or give exactly opposite of what we asked for.

Now, instead of getting frustrated and storming out of the Candy shop, if the child decided to correct himself and patiently wait for the candies to be packed and delivered, he is not only getting his red candy, but he is possibly getting much more.

Remember, you should use the visualization, meditation and imagination as tools to crystallize and bring clarity to the image of the things that you want. Then send it out to the Universe with full passion and feelings. And then – Let Go & Let God!

I read somewhere, that you should at least wait for 3 days after you have asked for something. After 3 days, there will be some sign that will be shown to you, indicating that the manifestation has started.

Do you have any technique that helps you to be in the allowing state? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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