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by Nalinda Karunaratna on September 29, 2012

Note: Sorry, this event has expired.

There are so many sources of inspiration – Books, Videos, Audio CDs, Quotes etc. But the most powerful and life changing can be a Seminar. In a seminar, the speaker’s energy is directly transmitted into your body and you really feel like getting up and changing the world around you, right away.

With the advanced technology, nowadays, you can experience the same energy movement, sitting in a comfortable setting of your home through “Webinars”. One such webinar is happening soon and it packed with so much power that it will inspire every cell in your body and lead you to path of deliberate manifestation.

Mind-Your-Reality-WebinarTania Kotsos, from www.Mind-Your-Reality.com is conducting this online seminar, that consolidates her 18 years of research and knowledge of the Universal Laws, Mind Power, Conscious Living, Universal Mind, Conscious Creation, Nature of Reality and much more. When I came to know about this webinar and saw the contents, I was blown away. This is something, you will never find anywhere else. I will be attending this seminar online personally, and I am so excited about it.

Webinar details

Mind Your Reality Online Seminar

Dates: 6th October & 7th October

Time: 16:00:00 GMT

Duration: 3-4hrs each day

This webinar has the content that cannot be found anywhere else. These are just a few key things will be covered:

  • Understand the power of your mind – at subconscious , conscious and super-conscious levels
  • Scientifically explanation of Universal Mind and methods to directly access the higher power within us
  • Universal Laws and its origin
  • Relative and Absolute Zero Hidden in the Equilateral Triangle
  • Find out why there is an imbalance in your life
  • Learn Visualization and Meditation techniques
  • How to avoid any inner or outer resistance, in the manifestation process

If this excites, I strongly encourage you to go and read the agenda. You will know, why I am calling it as a power-pack. Click here.

About Tania Kotsos

Tania Kotsos ImageTania Kotsos is the founder and author of Mind Your Reality. Her e-Book “Mind Your Reality Compendium – The Essential Guide to Mind Power & Reality Creation” has helped many people change their lives.

Tania has been studying Mind Power and Nature of Reality for more that 18 years. During all these years, she has gained some immense knowledge about our Mind, Universal Mind, Universal Laws and the Reality, that we call as Life.

Her website is a collection of numerous articles that she wrote as a way to share her knowledge with others. Each article is nicely crafted and packed with inspiration.

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There are limited seats (24 only) and are getting full quickly.

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  • Nalinda Karunartna

    I knew that this seminar will answer many of my questions. But what I’ve got end of the seminar is simply unbelievable. Not only I’ve got all the answers to my questions I’ve got a formula for life to live my life with the purpose and achieve anything effortlessly. I can honestly say that this seminar has changed my life forever and I truly grateful to Tania. You cannot get this material anywhere else and Tania is simply brilliant and her passion and energy to teach people is simply outstanding.

  • Arpan Roy

    Great article Nalinda and I agree that Tania’s website is a wealth Of information. Missed the webinar but will keep an eye on any upcoming events. Cheers, Arpan

    • Thanks for the comment Arpan. Without doubt it was the best seminar I have personally attended. Tania is absolutely amazing. Since you are interested in upcoming events, Tania is going to conduct another seminar in November 10th & 11th Weekend. I am going to re-attend it again (It is that powerful, honestly). If you are intersted here is the link – http://www.mind-your-reality.com/mind_power_webinar.html

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