4 Must Have Ingredients for Successful Manifestation

by Amod Joshi on September 24, 2012

I was watching an old video of Dr. Wayne Dyer where he explained that there are 4 ingredients for successful manifestation. Instantly, I realised that this was such an easy way to understand the manifestation process. I could see how I got the things that I have. It also clarified, as why, sometimes, I do not get what I really want. Understanding these 4 ingredients will not only help to identify why the manifestation process is not working, but it will also help to accelerate the process.

Use these ingredients and add them one by one and you will see how easy it is to deliberately create what you really really want.


Wish This is where you dream. This is the first step – a starting point. In my experience, this will just comes naturally to you. It is rarely that you have to take effort to make a wish for. “I wish I had that car”. “I wish I got a job in that company”. “I wish I can buy that beautiful house”. “I wish I can lose weight”.” The most important thing here is to take a note of your wishes. It is quite often said “Be aware of what you are wishing for”. As your wish will invoke the univervese to start the manifestation process. Cherish this wish. Do not negate the power by thinking if the wish will come true or not. Instead, let your imagination wander and let the manifestation start.

In another words, this is where you become self-actualized and everything is a possibility.


Desire Desire is when you want it. The difference between a wish and a desire is that the desire is where you are asking for the wish to come true. The key factor here is the ASK. ‘You ask and you shall receive.’ So the next time you think that you are not manifesting, what you want, then ask yourself – Is it just a wish that I am putting out or is it something I really really want. Am I asking for it? This will also bring clarity in your mind. If it is the car that I want to manifest, then what is the make, what is the colour? If it is weight that I am trying to lose – then how much? by when? what clothes will I then wear?

A repeated wish, generally becomes a desire.  It is a thought that keeps coming back to your mind and gets converted into a ‘Want’.


Intention Intention is the next step, where you shift from a wish or want and move into a much more powerful feeling of “Will”. You decide to get the thing that you want. “I intend to buy a black coloured SUV with a 6 cylinder engine.” “I intend to lose 10 pounds, before my summer holiday trip.” Here, you can feel that you are in control. The energy is coming from inside out. If you observe the people, who can easily manifest things that they want, you will always hear them say – “I will do this thing”. If you ask them “What if it doesn’t work?” They will say – “I find another way to make it happen.”

The Will is strong and you are in control.  By this time, you become immune to other people’s comments or opinions about what you want.


Passion Last and the most important ingredient that binds the first 3 together is Passion. Passion is the emotion or the feeling behind the thought. Passion is the force that will accelerate the process. When you intend to do something with the feeling associated with it, then you would manifest it and manifest it quicker than otherwise. When you intend to buy that car and let your hands roll over the photo of the car in the magazine and you will feel the metal or you will smell the leather seats, that’s when the manifestation is certain. If you intend to lose those pounds, see yourself in the mirror and dance and spin around to love and appreciate your body, that is when your pounds will start to disappear.

Passion is the inner excitement of being on the right path or doing the right thing. It propels you in the direction that seems motivated by force beyond your control.

If you want to manifest the things that you really really want, use these 4 ingredients and realise your dreams. If you are wondering, why the things that you want are not manifesting, check the ingredients. See if you are missing something or if one of the ingredients need to be increased.

If you wish for, ask for, intend for with heart filled passion, you will soon see your dreams being realised in this physical world.

Here is your secret formula to manifest your dreams –

I Wish….

I Want….

I Will….

I Feel….

I Manifest…

What is the next thing that you will manifest? Comment below and share it with the world.

Image courtesy – DavidDavies, Hamed Saber, sinoreport, JohnTrainor, SEP Blog

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