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by Amod Joshi on September 17, 2012

Nalinda and I (Amod), started MyLifePuzzle in November 2011. But the seed of inspiration must have been planted long long ago. We both, individually, had a turning point in our life, when we came across the movie ‘The Secret’ and it opened the world of possibility and power. We couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing this awareness with everyone. This gave birth to the idea of using a website – an online medium, to reach as far as we can. Today, MyLifePuzzle is an ever-growing community, where people enjoy some powerful, inspiring and life changing personal development material.

We have evolved during this journey and have presented a variety of material on our website – from Science of Getting Rich program to Silva Life System; from Tapping Solution to Wayne Dyer. While the content was rich and inspiring, we were still running on a basic website structure.

Our Evolution

In August 2012, we decided to change the way we present this material. We are now bringing you the best website experience, clean and clear content, sharp and high quality images, easy to navigate and less cluttered website. We also spent extensive time to understand our readers – that’s YOU!! This will help us to bring you articles, videos, products and events that are tailored to your style and need.

New Tagline

We also decided to move to a new Tagline that will define MyLifePuzzle and our work. We moved from “Helping you to solve your Puzzle and Achieve Success” to “Empower You to live an Abundant Life”. Because that is what we do! Through our blogs, our product reviews, our emails and everything that we share on our website, we are trying to trigger that spark within you so that you strive to live an abundant life.

Where do we go from here?

The next phase of improvement will include –

  • Faster and more effective website
  • Structured navigation (Start Here – for the beginners)
  • Multi-Level User based material – Beginners, Intermediate & Pro
  • Professional Design and Branding
  • Exclusive offers for registered users
  • Featured Authors and Speakers
  • Webinars and Live Events

Super ideas just flow in everyday and we will continue to bring the best to you.

The most important thing:

… is YOUR support, love and trust. Thank you so much for all the love that you send us. Your comments, social media interaction and emails are our fuel to do and bring more and more material to you.

Visit our home page, browse through our articles and lets us know how you liked the new changes.

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