5 Steps to Solve any Problem

by Amod Joshi on July 11, 2012

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them”Henry Ford

Are you in a confused state? Take these steps

Are you in a confused state? Take these steps

Problem solving need not be a difficult task. We spend way too much of time and effort just thinking about the problem. We discuss this with our friends, family and colleagues, but there is no real focus or a concentrated effort to get a solution. We just state and re-state the problem numerous times. “My Job is not good at all. I have to work so hard”. “My kids don’t listen to me. They just don’t care about me”. “I am not able to concentrate on one thing for a long time”.  These are just problem statements and it won’t help by just re-stating them more often.

What we need is a focused attention on finding the solution and that is the hardest part. Each time we try to sit down with a problem, we go on a Thought Trip. We start thinking about various possible outcomes or effects and we never really reach to the solution. The more possibilities that we could think of, the more confusion seems to set in and the farther we move away from the solution.

Decision making is same as problem solving and also needs a concentrated effort. Every time we think of the consequence of the decision, we start thinking about numerous possibilities and once again lose the focus to reach to a conclusion.

Recently, I came across a very efficient way to solve any problem or to make any decision. It is quick and easy to use and captures all the essential details that we need to solve a problem or make a decision. The tool comes from the ROQUE family – an online Self Scoring Status Inventory created by Joseph D’Souza.

Joseph D’Souza, Melbourne, Australia, is founder of the QuestUniquE® coaching organisation – www.questunique.com.au. He is passionate about helping individuals become more fulfilled in themselves, their work and social life through enhanced understanding of their own natural potential and talents. He has modelled ROQUE – an online Self Scoring Status Inventory tool and SRQ (Strategic Review Quotient) tool for Business Review. ROQUE is an excellent starting point for your personal development journey, as it gives you clarity on – where you are currently and where you want to go and then maps the options that you have. It is also a great tool for the Personal Development Coaches to get an understanding of their client’s situation. SRQ is the perfect way to measure the completeness of any business. SRQ can be used do the regular reviews of the business, to ensure that the organisation is operating with the full efficiency. Sign up on this website and get the ROQUE ready Reckoner for Free.

Joseph kindly shared this tool with MyLifePuzzle and also readily agreed that we can share it with our audience for FREE.

You can access the tool using this link. Print it and then step through each area and write down your thoughts – http://www.questunique.com.au/announcements/decision-making-made-easy-with-roque

The Problem Solving / Decision Making Tool is based on the ROQUE model and involves the following 5 Steps:

  • Reality – Review the current situation. Define the problem and the associated limitations. Empty your mind of all the symptoms or items about the issue you wish to explore
  • Options – Identify the options available – those that you can see and those you cannot. Another way to get more options are by talking to someone and expanding the options list.
  • Quest – What am I choosing to do in this issue? Is the choice made by my heart or by my head?
  • Unique – What do I need before I can execute the plan? These are your own unique needs that must be satisfied before you can take the first step. How clear are you about your needs? What external objective references can you leverage about what you need?
  • Execution – What exactly I am going to do & by when? How will I measure it? How will I celebrate?

An example of how I used it

Problem Statement – I wanted the traffic coming to this website to double.

Reality – I checked the trend of the traffic that is currently coming to the website and then defined how much I want and how much I think I can support right now.

Options – I evaluated the options I had to generate more traffic – writing more Blogs, Social media marketing etc.

Quest – I choose to generate more traffic by writing more and better blogs.

Unique – What I needed was just 2 things – time to blog and ideas to build on. Ideas was not a problem as I always maintained an Idea Log. But time was still a problem. But that becomes a different problem statement and I can use the same steps to solve that problem.

Execution – I decided to blog 3-4 times a week.

I then ran the same steps with the next problem of finding time and found some more options and now able to manage my time and still produce 3-4 blogs each week.

This is most efficient and fastest way to solve any problem. Try it for yourself and let me know your experience by leaving your comments below.

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  • Ann

    Gems that are unexpected are the greatest treasures…an ideas log? Once again you stop my gallop and make me organise my thinking. Now I will have room for more ideas before they, or I, burn out! My Life Puzzle has become required reading and I love the ROGUE model. thank you for sharing . A

    • Thanks Ann. We are honored to have a reader like you. You inspire us to deliver more. Thanks for you support – Amod

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