The Certain Way – Part 3 – Action

by Amod Joshi on July 6, 2012

Once again quoting Wallace Wattles from his book – Science of Getting Rich – “Thinking in a Certain Way will bring riches to you, but you must not rely upon thought alone, paying no attention to personal action. That is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysical thinkers meet shipwreck–the failure to connect thought with personal action”

Just to recap the previous parts (Part 1 – Thinking in Pictures & Part 2 – Picture of Mind ) – we learnt that Riches are not limited to a select few. Anyone can get Rich and we all have what is necessary to become rich. That is, to become Rich we do not have to do a certain things, but we have to do things in a certain way. The process or the ‘certain way’ starts with building a picture in your mind about the thing that you want. The next step is to focus only and only on that picture. Here you use your Conscious mind to reject any opposing idea or even an opposing (and seemingly true) situation. Just focus on what you want. The Third and the final step is to take action towards your goal so that you can receive what you had desired for.

I have seen many people (and even in some instances I have seen myself) – they focus either on the Thoughts and neglect the Action or they are just busy doing the Actions and ignoring the underlying thoughts. Hence this third step is so crucial to understand in order to get what we really want. Now Action doesn’t mean hard work or long hours. Action means doing the most effective thing, doing in the right time and the right place.

Stick PersonLet me explain this using our Stick person diagram or the Picture of our mind. As mentioned in the previous post, when we build a picture of the thing that we want in our mind and our Conscious mind accepts it, our Sub-conscious mind (has no option but to accept it) sets up a vibration in our body. As we vibrate at a particular frequency it alters our behaviours and we start to attract the things (ideas, people or circumstances) that are also vibrating at the same frequency. Acting on these ideas, people or circumstances will then result in receiving the things that we had wished for.

Let us take an example – let us say if I want to buy an IPad. By using this method, I would visualize the IPad that I want – the colours, the features. As I build a clear and distinct picture in my mind, my Conscious mind will accept it. I then reject any other ideas that may distort this image – including the thought that I cannot afford it. This focus and belief that I can have an IPad, will make Sub-conscious mind set a vibration in my body. I would start attracting and happen to see the various Ads on IPad. I would find people talking about their experience etc. I might get some idea through which I may be able to get the IPad. It may be an idea of selling some stocks or doing something in my business to generate that quick cash to pay for the IPad. I might even hear about a sales offer or may be a contest price which is giving away an IPad. Intuitively I would know that I must participate in the contest or must go for the sale. And that’s the Action that I need to take –taking that step to implement the idea, opportunity or a thought – which is in harmony of what I desire. That’s the Action.

In other situations, you may find that the Actions may involve – implementing a whole new Idea, or following the intuition and making a call to someone, or working on the project that you always knew you should. It could be anything – basically as you get into the creative process, your inner voice or intuition will guide you. You will instantaneously feel like taking an action. Do not miss out on this signal. Read more about Intuition on this blog – Intuition vs Paradigm

The Creative Process – Lights, Camera & Action

In conclusion, the Creative Process or the ‘Certain Way’ can be summarised using an analogy from the film industry – Lights, Camera & Action.

Lights = Clarity – Define clearly what you want. Bring as much clarity as possible. Crystalize the image of what you want in your mind

Camera = Focus – Focus only and only on the thing that you want and reject any other thoughts

Action = Action – Act on the intuition. When the impulse is there, when you here the inner voice – ACT!!

The same process has been explained in many ways, but essentially outlining the similar 3 Steps – Ask-Believe-Receive (Rhonda Byrne) or Thoughts-Feelings-Actions (Bob Proctor) or You Ask-Universe Answer-You Let In (Abraham Hicks) and many more.

Get started with the Creative Process. If you do not see the results you want, just closely review and revise each of these steps until you master the deliberate way of creating the good in your life.

Cheers… to Your New Conscious Life!!


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