The Certain Way – Part 2 – Picture of the Mind

by Amod Joshi on July 4, 2012

This post builds upon the previous post – The Certain Way – Part 1 – Thinking in Pictures. And we do think in pictures. But if we think of our Mind, most of us do not get the picture or get the picture of our brain. But as seen before, our brain is just a switching station and mind is everywhere in all parts of our body.

Picture of MindIn order to understand the Certain Way, we must understand the Mind and we must have a picture of the Mind. Dr. Thruman Fleet (1895 – 1983) from San Antonio, TX, was the originator of this picture of the mind. He was a chiropractor and was involved in healing people. He knew that by just treating the problem from surface, was only removing the symptom. A person can be healed completely, if his mind is healed. And in order to explain the mind, he drew the picture of the mind.

Now, each time you think of your mind, you will be able to think of this picture. Here we show that your head is your mind and everything from the neck-down is your body. But this doesn’t mean that your mind resides in your head. You mind is in every cell of your body. This is just a representation of your mind. Now, think of an imaginary line running from ear to ear. The top half of your mind is called the Conscious mind and the bottom half is the Subconscious mind. To the Conscious mind, you have 5 antennas attached – Your 5 senses – see, smell, hear, touch and taste.

Here is how the Mind works…

Information is fed to your mind through these 5 sensory factors. The information then comes to your Conscious mind, where you make a decision – weather to entertain this idea or not. This mind has the ability to Accept or Reject. It also has the ability to Originate a new thought. Whereas, the Subconscious mind is totally deductive. It only knows to Accept, it cannot Reject. It also cannot determine the difference between real and imaginary. The Subconscious mind sets a vibration in your body, which alters your behaviour, your actions and your response or reaction to your surroundings. This is then responsible to get you the results, the situation and the people into your life.

Let us co-relate this theory to the 2 Sales people example. For the sake of this story, let us call them SP1 & SP2 (Sales People). One day, they both come to office in the morning the same time and are greeted by a friend, who shares the news that the company has decided to lay-off 50% of the staff. Now SP1 takes this information and his Conscious Mind decides to Accept it. The Subconscious mind has no other option than to accept it. That sets up the vibration in his body and he starts to worry. The more he accepts and entertains this information in his Conscious mind, the more worried he becomes. Meanwhile, SP2 also takes this information, but then rejects it in his Conscious mind. Instead of thinking and focusing on the lay-off, he decides to focus on the bonus cash-price that was announced a few days ago. The Subconscious mind again, has to accept this information and set up a vibration. So he feels more energised, excited and happy.

It is 9:00am and they both start calling. They both start off fine, but SP1 is desperate to make the sale happen and he starts to sound clingy and scrabbled. He ends up with the customer either too busy to listen or not interested. Whereas, SP2 is relaxed and confident. The customer on the other side, even if was busy, finds interest in the offer. SP2 either gets the sale or may even get more referrals. Now you may say that the story was twisted at the end to make this point. But if you have not experienced this, look around you and you will find so many SP1s and SP2s. You must have been one or the other in different instances. The more relaxed and confident you are the better you would perform. The Relaxed and confident state is predominantly ruled by the state of your mind and your thoughts.

Once again, from outside, you see both, SP1 & SP2 working perfectly in the same way. The difference is in the (certain) way they used their mind.

And this is not just about being positive or thinking positive thoughts. It is more about using your mind more consciously to choose more positive thoughts and feeling good about it. In summarising the certain way so far – Being rich (and rich can be replaced by anything you want – health, relationship etc.) is not dependant on any external factors like circumstances, people or even our skills. Getting rich depends on how we do things in a certain way. The certain way is by thinking the thoughts about the things that we want and then holding that thought in our mind and rejecting any opposing thoughts using our Conscious mind.

The 3rd and the last part is – Acting in a Certain way, in order to receive what you want. I will cover that in the next blog. Until then practice deliberate visualization of the things that you want and also practice Accepting or Reject things Consciously – depending on weather the tasks are in line with the visualized picture or not.

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