The Certain Way – Part 1 – Thinking in Pictures

by Amod Joshi on July 2, 2012

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Wallace Wattles, in his famous book – Science of Getting Rich, says that – You do not get rich by doing certain things; you get rich by doing things in a certain way. This certain way is nothing but – By Law. If you live your life in accordance with the Laws of the Universe, you will certainly attract permanent riches in your life.

I came across this example which really proves the point. There are 2 sales agents working in the same company, selling the same product and even reporting to the same manager. They work in the same office space and use the same script while talking to the customer. But one is selling 5 times more than other. Why? From outside, both seem to be doing the same thing. But it is not the outside that matters, it is the inside. One is in harmony with the Laws and other is not. We see many such examples around us – 2 Shops selling the same service and just few blocks away (say Barber shop, Pizza place or a Gym). One seems to be overflowing with customers waiting for the service, while the other struggles to keep the customers at their shop. Same is true for any other business – we see one flourishing while the other struggling. Becoming Rich is not a result of any environment, nor the result of being in any particular business.

Another point – Rich people come in various sizes, shapes and colours. There are smart people who are rich and there are dumb people who are rich. There are educated people who get rich and there are school drop-outs who get rich. If you study all the rich people and all the poor people, it will be evident that becoming rich is not related to any of these externally visible factors. Getting rich is a result of your thinking – thinking in a certain way!!

Now that we know that we can become rich by thinking in a certain way, let us look at this ‘Thinking’ process in detail. We think in pictures. If you think of your car, a picture of your car comes to your mind. Think of your house, a red balloon, a cat, a walk on a beach, camping in forest, a dinner in a restaurant. Each time you think, a picture flashes on the screen of your mind. It is not the brain that originates these thoughts or pictures. Our brain only functions like a switching station. It just turns one program on and switches the other off. It is our Mind, which does the thinking. It is our Mind that really controls us and our circumstances. As Bob Proctor, the living master and teacher of the Law of Attraction, explains – Mind is a movement and our Body is the manifestation of that movement.

We have come so far to understand that – getting rich is not dependent on any external factors but requires thinking in a certain way and we do all our thinking by building pictures in our mind. Now in the next blog, I will dive deep into the understanding of how our mind works and how the “Certain Way” can be used to get what you want. Meanwhile, you can practice deliberately building the images in your mind of the things that you want. Hold this image on the screen of your mind long enough so that it becomes fixed in your mind and see what experience you get. It may be a thought or picture of an old friend, or it may be a particular thing that you want to buy or a particular experience that you want to have. Picture it and dwell on the picture for the entire day and we will continue in the next blog.

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