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by Amod Joshi on May 23, 2012

This blog is the summary of notes that we took as we experienced the Tapping World Summit 2012 and it gives our interpretation of the message shared by the key speakers. For more information on this event, please visit the Tapping World Summit 2012 page.

Day 7 – Red Room – Energy Medicine and Tapping: A Perfect Marriage – Donna Eden

This was one of the best sessions in this year’s Tapping World Summit. It was very evident even from the host Jessica Ortner’s excitement about being able to conduct this interview. Donna Eden, who is the author of the ground-breaking book – Energy Medicine, has such an effect on people. Donna was filled with energy and even on the audio it could be felt that way.

Energy is all there is …

Donna explained, how everything is nothing but energy. We are comprised of many energy systems – Chakras, Meridians etc. These energy systems are responsible for our thoughts, our attitude, our behaviours and our health. Hence energy medicine play a very important role in helping people heal or even prevent from falling sick by shifting the energy and maintaining the energy systems. Plus it is so easy and practical and most importantly very efficient.

Donna also explained how our body loves Tapping. Our body has a natural rhythm of tapping or pulsating – our heart beats, capillary beds pulsate and hence body never resists any Tapping. It, in-fact, opens up the meridian pathways and lets the impulses travel through to the brain. Hence, when we feel stuck or not able to move ahead, Tapping can be the tool that we can use find a way out. When we feel stuck, one of the things that most likely are happening is that the 14 Meridians in our body are not connected to one another – which results in things not pulsating as they should do. The flow of the energy through our body is not smooth as it should be. Tapping and many other Energy Medicine tools helps us to straighten those Meridians and clear the blocks.

Donna shared some amazing tools with the audience – Simple, Quick and yet very Effective. Instead of explaining the exact steps, we are including the YouTube links from Vredeskind. The various reasons that a person can use these techniques, given below are just indicative. It has a much larger use and effect and few or all should be incorporated in the daily routine.

 Wayne Cook Posture:


  • When it is hard to bring the stress intensity down
  • Can be used before just Tapping to get a more effective outcome
  • Works great for dyslexia
  • If we are scrambling being in stress – don’t know what to say or scramble words or thoughts

Time required: < 5mins

Crossover pattern:


  • For people who go into the homolateral stance, where the energy is not crossing over
  • When there is a stiffness in the body due to the stress

Time required: < 1min

Crown Pull:


  • When head seems to be cluttered while bring in stress
  • It increases the blood flow to your brain, makes it calmer.
  • Also part of the daily 5 minute routine

Time required: < 1min



  • Connects up the Central & Governing Meridian points. This would get the energy moving through the Central Meridian that goes from the front of your body all the way up to the lower lip and then inside the mouth to back of the throat. This gets connected to Governing Meridian that goes all the way up the spine and over the head, over the nose, and connects up at the back of the throat. This connects all the meridian and channelizes the flow of energy in your body
  • This also helps in protecting the body from whatever is in the environment.

Time required: <1min

Heaven & Earth:


  • Move the stuck energy in the body and hooks up all the Meridian points
  • Balancing the Chakras in the body
  • When it is just the start of cold or flu, this exercise will just help to remove it right before it gets into the system.

Time taken: < 5mins

 5 Minute Energy Routine:


  • Use this routine daily to maintain a healthy body
  • Keep the energy flowing through the body
  • Removing any stress out of the body
  • Keeping all the organs healthy

Time taken: 5mins

Donna also shared some fantastic stories of how she healed herself from near death health status and then how she more and more discovered the power of the energy medicine. The deep research and 23 years of practice was very evident in Donna’s speech. She is, without any doubts, the prime face, when it comes to energy medicine. 

Although we did not do even 1 round of Tapping during this session, this was still one of the best sessions in this Summit.

3 take-away points from this session: 

  • Concept of Energy Medicine
  • Various exercises and tools to un-scramble the energy in our body
  • Energy Medicine and Tapping


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Tapping World Summit 2012

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