Manifesting Your Soul Mate

by Amod Joshi on May 22, 2012

This blog is the summary of notes that we took as we experienced the Tapping World Summit 2012 and it gives our interpretation of the message shared by the key speakers. For more information on this event, please visit the Tapping World Summit 2012 page.

Day 7 – Green Room – Manifesting Your Soul Mate – Lindsay Kenny

While most of the people believe that finding the True Love is a matter of luck or fate, Lindsay Kenny explains how Tapping plays a role in helping us find a relationship. Lindsay Kenny is Meridian Tapping Practitioner for more than a decade and also the founder of the National Alliance for Emotional Health. Before EFT, she was a professional matchmaker and hence able to bring her experience and expertise in this topic.

Lindsay explains that, in order to have the perfect love walk into a person’s life, that person should be cleared of all the blocks and way to love is cleared from any obstacles. In such cases, they do experience the Love at First sight or such magical moments. But on the contrast, most of the people are manifesting, what she calls as Five Fatal Flaws, and hence make it hard to find the true love.

Five Fatal Flaws:

  1. Uncleaned past – People think that they have moved on after they breakup, but in reality, the trauma goes much deeper than the break-up incident.  Lindsay suggests that using Tapping, we can remove even the scar of that wound with precise like a laser surgery. If there is pattern that we can find in all the breakups, like – after each breakup if someone feels – Why am I getting all the irresponsible guys in my life? Or, Why do I keep picking the clingy girls? – in such cases, we should then Tap on the problem that we do not want in our partner. If a specific incident or a specific memory we are carrying from a particular relationship, then that is the one that we should Tap and remove from the system. Lindsay also suggests that people write down the list of all the past sadness, betrayals, disappointments, heartbreaks etc. and then give them a collective Title… “All my past breakups, heartbreaks etc. are ….” And then Tap on this energy. 
  2. Limiting Beliefs – This is where people build beliefs around the Soul mate or relationship or about themselves – Men can’t be trusted, Women only want successful men, all the good ones are taken, I only attract the losers, women are unpredictable, all men lie and cheat. Some fears are also the limiting beliefs – I am afraid that I will end up all alone, I am afraid that my heart will break again, I am afraid that my partner may not be well accepted by my friends or family. Some of the beliefs seem so true that they may sound like facts – My sun sign is Virgo, I cannot go well with a person from Pisces. Lindsay suggests the same process to Tap these beliefs out – Write them and then do reverse neutralization – “Even though I am afraid…. I still want to….” 
  3. Finding someone of “My Type” – People focus on the exterior look – tall, dark & handsome, rather than focusing on the characteristics – honesty, commitment, integrity, kindness, intelligent, family values. Lindsay suggests that the Tapping can be incorporated on the limiting belief that we want a person who looks – tall, dark and handsome and clear that block so that we can see what we actually want – which may be a more mature and more sensible person. 
  4. Focusing on the “don’t” want – If asked, what kind of person do you want, if the answers are coming out as – I want someone who does not smoke, or does not lie, or does not cheat, or hates children… the focus is on the things that we do not want. Once again, writing all these thoughts down and then changing them to be more positive helps clear the intention of what we really want. 
  5. Pretending to be someone else – This has such a common flaw that people do unknowingly. They try to pretend to be something that they are not to attract someone. Later as the relationship is established, naturally we fall back to our real self and the other person is caught by a surprise due to the sudden change in the behaviour. But in reality, we are just back to becoming what we really are. This is when we hear – “You have changed so much since I first met you. It is like a complete different person.”

 Lindsay suggests that after we clear all these flaws, what we would end up with is the clear image of the person that we really want – the characteristics and the attributes. This would just send out those vibrations out to attract the right person in our life. There are no doubts, no worries or no disappointments.

Lindsay also gave some great insights / tips for Tapping. Such as –

  • While writing down the list of old breakups and bringing those emotions, it is good idea to Type it on a keyboard. That way, we are already tapping on the Meridian points on the tip of the fingers
  • Saying the right words is not as important as the intention behind the Tapping. If the intension is right and we are thinking about the event or the emotion that we are Tapping on, that itself is clearing the negative energy from the system
  • After doing the karate chop setup statement, Lindsay suggest that we take a deep breath in and shake the fingers like we do to get the water off the hands and then breath out with a big push – whoosh!!
  • While tapping on sadness or grief, we can also add another meridian point – Liver point – for women it is just under their breast and for men it will be 2-3 inches below the nipple point on both the sides.
  • Similarly wrist is another meridian point to tap on, while in anger, anxiety or stress.
  • Not drinking enough water or hydrating properly before Tapping may also result in a lesser effective Tapping.


3 take-away points from this session: 

  • Five Fatal Flaws that we need to address before we set out to attract the right person
  •  How to incorporate Tapping in attracting the Soul-Mate
  • Additional Tapping points and other Tips.


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