Body Image and Weight Loss

by Manasee Arpan Roy on May 13, 2012

This blog is the summary of notes that we took as we experienced the Tapping World Summit 2012 and it gives our interpretation of the message shared by the key speakers. For more information on this event, please visit the Tapping World Summit 2012 page.

Day 5 – Green Room – Body Image and Weight Loss: Something That Finally Works – Carol Tuttle

Body ImageEvery one of us is guilty of being critical or judgemental of at least one aspect of our body when we look into the mirror. Being self-critical about our body can have very toxic effect not only on our body but on each and every aspect of our life.

Carol Tuttle, from, in this session with the Tapping World Summit 2012, helped the audience to take a stand against this critical voice and understand the consequences of having a poor body image. Carol who is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist is also a leader in the areas of energy psychology, emotional freedom techniques, and energy medicine. She is the author of two books – Remembering Wholeness and Dressing Your Truth and has featured in the media for her work, numerous times.

Psychology of Body Image

Carol explained how the psychology of body image starts at a very early stage in our life – our teens, as a result of the illusions created in the media about beauty. This gives birth to an inner voice which is always critical about our body.

This constant criticism results in a compromised body which feels it cannot be loved unless it changes. The body feels unloved and worthless. Teenage years are about appearance and social acceptance. This is the foundation of limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Striving for Losing Weight

Weight is the number one cause of self-esteem and relationship issues. For someone who wants to lose weight it is very hard to accept their body in its current form as it gives out the feeling of compromising or settling with their current state.

It is important to understand that “Acceptance” does not mean settling or compromising but to start loving ourselves. When we love ourselves is when we open ourselves to change in this vibration of love.

We need to support, love and honour our body to be healthy. By nature body is designed to be healthy and it is us who get in its way of being healthy. When we love and embrace our body, it begins to function better and the weight loss journey will begin on its own.

It is when we love and embrace our body, many health conditions will improve for our wellbeing.

Impact of BAD Body Image

Body image has number one effect on women’s self-esteem. If we have low self-esteem we are not motivated to treat our body with love and kindness.  When we are in low energetic vibrations the physiology gets impaired and the body cannot perform at its optimum.

Low self-esteem has an impact on our body as well as on our relationships. If we don’t love and accept our self we won’t allow someone else to love and accept us. This void of self-love will make us needy for love and acceptance

Destructive Body Image Beliefs

The illusions of beauty created in the media become the standard of beauty for us and has resulted in turning these beliefs into FACTS that affect our body image.

Some of the most common beliefs are “I have to be ‘skinny’ to be attractive” or “If I’m beautiful, I will be shallow or superficial person”. These conflicting beliefs results in an intrinsic battle between the desire to be beautiful and trying not be a shallow person.

The other most common belief “Wrinkles are unattractive and flaws” has resulted in a multi-million dollar anti-aging beauty industry.

Where to start Tapping

Before moving on to the Tapping sequence for the session, Carol explained how to identify the starting point of our Tapping.Shopping

  • Common thoughts that people focus on when they look into the mirror or
  • The clothes we chose for ourselves when we go shopping and the emotions that arise in the dressing room or
  • When we go out and about and compare our self to others.

These common judgements or negative opinions about our self should be the ones we need to do the tapping on.

She explained how it is important to train our body, mind and thoughts to be in higher vibrations.

Carol further confessed about her own body image issues during her teenage years. She explained how she cleared that negative body image through EFT by connecting the inner and outer beauty.

She guided the listeners through an extensive tapping sequence to work on the negative self-opinions. At the end of the sequence she advised to focus on our body do the following:

  • Be thankful to our body
  • Apologize to your body for being hard on it
  • Tell your body you are ready to change
  • Ready to be kind and show love to it

She further advised to ask your body “what it wants to hear from you”. Close your eyes and note down the 3 words that come to your mind in support of your body. Write down these words on the mirror to remind yourself everyday of this new intention for your body. Create an affirmation using these 3 words. Embrace and love your body. As a result, get healthy and fit naturally.

Receive Compliments

She further explained how to receive compliments with gratitude and appreciation and thank people and not reject them by convincing the person how they are wrong.

Someone compliments us when they like some quality of our appearance. It is really important to practice acceptance and be gracious and let our body feel honoured. We must also compliment others. Make it a rule to express your good thoughts about someone to them.

As a parting note, Carol reminded us to stop apologizing about our appearance and embrace our body which is the key to our journey towards good health and wellbeing.


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