Healing Pain From Your Childhood

by Amod Joshi on May 12, 2012

This blog is the summary of notes that we took as we experienced the Tapping World Summit 2012 and it gives our interpretation of the message shared by the key speakers. For more information on this event, please visit the Tapping World Summit 2012 page.

Day 4 – Red Room – Healing Pain From Your Childhood – Terri Cole

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and a transformation coach. She comes with a great experience and has worked with numerous companies, celebrities, professional athletes and individuals. She brought Tapping into her practice and has helped many people to resolve their year-long issues.

Childhood MemoriesTerri, rightly, claims that all the issues we are facing today, have a link into the past and most likely a childhood experience. As she explained the session, our childhood is like a blueprint of our life. When we are young, we are programmed and our belief system is developed. We then operate and base any decision on these believes. Hence the result that we get – be it our Finances, our Health, our Relationships, our Work life, our Family life – it is the way it is, because of some beliefs we created as a child. Terri explained how even a seemingly small incident can have a much larger effect later in the life. It could be a particular comment made by a friend about your weight, it could be that your parents left you alone while they went to dinner and you felt betrayed, it could be that your Teacher who said you will never succeed in life. These incidents have a great emotional impact at that time, but then we are told to step up and forget about it. Then onwards, we experience similar incidents and we just continue to reinforce the belief.

Tapping on the childhood experience and clearing that block can bring the entire monster down.  Jessica Ortner, the host of Tapping Solution 2012, asked the question, which must be going through the mind of all the listeners – How to identify that the current issue has a root to a childhood incident and how to pin-point that incident from the many many years of experience. Terri’s answer just cleared the fog into a bring sunshine. Terri takes her clients through a broad topic and starts Tapping on the issue. As they start tuning into the issue, Terri would ask “And this reminds me of….” and most likely the childhood incident will appear. To be able to do so, one need to quite their mind so that they can listen to their inner voice. The answer will just come out.

Terri, demonstrated some great Tapping sequence, where she started with a setup statement on the current issue which has been repeating again and again. After the Tapping (typically she asked the listeners to think about “This reminds me of…” and then she did a Tapping sequence specifically on that problem and then move to a positive round.

Terri also shared how Tapping should be incorporated into the daily routine, even If it is a 10 mins a day. Just like we need the right amount of food, and right amount of sleep and exercise to keep our body healthy, we need Tapping each day to keep our mind fresh and clear of the impact from the past memories. Each day Tapping will continue to weaken the force or the blueprint and then all our decisions are based on much clearer understanding of the situation.

She also brought a beautiful point through when she mentioned how most of the people are tough on themselves and they mentally beat themselves up for doing the wrong thing. In such cases, Terri suggest her clients that they should listen to this voice that is mean and that says that – “You are an idiot. How can you do that?” and then they should ask if they would say that to their 5 year old daughter? Terri asserts that we should treat ourselves with kindness – the way we would treat a 5 year old kid.

Zen DenBut a great gift came at the end, when Terri explained the concept of Zen-Den. It is a place that we can create where we would feel amazing. It can be filled with pictures, things, smells and sounds which will put the mind into a happy and joyful state. Creating this space, is like giving a treat or get the feel of luxury – a sacred place outside that help tap into the sacred space inside.

“Be kind to yourself and that small steps will equal a huge transformation”

– Terri Cole

3 take-away points from this session: 

  • How childhood is a blueprint of our current life
  • Simplistic approach – as small as 10 mins Tapping each day
  • Zen-Den


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