Speeding Up the Transition From Debt to Wealth

by Amod Joshi on May 11, 2012

This blog is the summary of notes that we took as we experienced the Tapping World Summit 2012 and it gives our interpretation of the message shared by the key speakers. For more information on this event, please visit the Tapping World Summit 2012 page.

Day 3 – Green Room – Speeding Up the Transition From Debt to Wealth – Margaret M. Lynch

This was, without a doubt one of the best sessions in this year’s Tapping Solution World Summit. It was also quite evident from the comments left on the page and on Facebook. The topic does contribute in making the session popular, but larger share of the credit goes to Margaret Lynch for a fantastic session.

Margaret Lynch is success coach and author of Secret of Intentional Wealth, and the Seven Levels of Wealth Manifestation. She helps people to become successful by removing the internal blocks to money and personal power.

WealthMargaret started off, by explaining how Tapping can be used to solve the Money problem. Unlike Pain or Stress, Tapping does not show an instantaneous change in the financial situation or change the bottom line number. But when we think about Money, there is a particular emotion that we have associated to it – it may be a result of a childhood programing or some past event. We operate with this paradigm and base all our decisions on this paradigm. We manage our money this way – based on the underlying emotion.

The other emotion that dictates the amount of money we earn is the association of money to the personal power. The one who has more money, feel powerful to go out and buy anything they want or do anything they feel like doing. On contrary, lack of money makes one feel stuck, chained or restricted and these are the emotions that we can work on using Tapping and release the blocks that are stopping the Money to come to us and then Tap to deal with the emotion that will help us to manage the money better.

Margaret took the audience through some very intense exercise, which could make someone face their reality and accept it. Like, if someone has a Debt of say $50,000, then while doing the exercise with Margaret, they would see the emotion coming out. That is the paradigm that manages our money – it could be Fear, Anxiety, Panic, Stress etc. Then as we take a closer look at the paradigm and think about how we judge ourselves based on this paradigm. This will bring out some real dark sides of us and we will be able to Tap on them.

Margaret shared a very valuable definition of Wealth – Wealth is the result of 2 important things – Income & Money Management. Hence we cannot manifest wealth – we can manifest or ask for more income and we can manage our money spending habits and that is how we can create wealth.

Margaret then did some Tapping on all these 3 aspects –

  • Clearing the negative emotions that are used around money
  • Make a choice to change the money management activities
  • Increase the Income

The transition from one sequence to other was so powerful and we could feel the shift in the energy.  We started Tapping on the negative emotion, then in the second sequence, we were open to make a change and then in the third sequence, we talk about increasing income. This Tapping is surely going to put people into action and get them moving towards their mission.


3 take-away points from this session: 

  • How Money and Emotions are tied together and hence how Tapping is a great tool.
  • Definition of the Wealth and the fact that
  • Tapping sequences – It will surely go as one of the best ones.


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