2 Step Process to Predict your Future

by Amod Joshi on April 19, 2012

Prediction of Future has always raised a lot of curiosity among the human race. This may be because “Future” probably is one of those unknown factors that cannot be controlled by us. We then use the stars, palm-lines, birth-dates, cards and even birds and animals to tell us our own future. I do not essentially criticise or not-believe in Astrology or Palmistry or Tarot Reading. They are methods that man has discovered and they may be right, as otherwise, they wouldn’t have been followed for so many centuries. But in order to rely on these methods to know my future, I need to believe and know the person reading the stars, palm-lines or the cards and his knowledge about the science behind. What I have here is a simple and straightforward method to predict your future.

Money_and_TimeStep 1 – Take a look at your Bank statement. Identify what are the items that you spend your money on.

Step 2 – Take a look at your Calendar and identify where your most of the time is going?

It doesn’t matter what you priorities or your beliefs are. The amount of time and money you are spending on an activity is going to determine your future. For example, if you spend most of your money and time in Mc Donalds, you should know that your future health is not going to be that great. If you spend your maximum time and your money on watching television or buying movie DVDs and then watching the unemployment, tragic and struggling life of a common man – you would guess it right that you will end up living same as the common man. Instead if you spend your time and money to develop yourself – doing that MBA degree (even though part time) or spending time and money on personal development, I can bet your future will be better than your present. Let us say, if you spend your time in meeting real-estate agents and spend your money in getting financial advices, you surely will end up buying some great investment properties.

This theory is based on the essay on Decision written by Dr. Carole N. Hildebrand. Here is an extract – “Committed decisions show up in two places—your calendar and your check-book. No matter what you say you value, or even think your priorities are, you have only to look at last year’s calendar and check-book to see the decisions you have made about what you truly value. For example, I am committed to growth, both professionally and personally. A review of my calendar always shows multiple continuing education courses, seminars, and workshops in both the personal growth area, as well as in my profession. My check-book is filled with tuition disbursements, purchases of books and videos. Bottom line … see how you have reserved your time … look at your expenditures … those are the road maps to the decisions you have made in the past.”

Make a committed decision to spend at least 10% of your income on yourself; on your personal growth. Join a local Gym and try to go at least twice a week; invest in some Success Magazine; attend personal development seminars; buy a motivational CD or even go for a good massage therapy. Keep an eye on your Calendar and your Bank Account and you would know where you are going. 

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