Program your Child with the Right Paradigms

by Amod Joshi on April 4, 2012

This article is the sequel of its previous Articles – The Paradigm and The Paradigm Shift. I recommend reading them first, before you get on with this one. While the first 2 articles are about Your Paradigms and how to change them, this one is to help you Program your Child with the right Paradigms, so that the child enters this world with the right information.

Whatever we do as actions, whatever we imagine as thoughts and whatever we experience as circumstances is all result of the programs loaded in our mind. The programs are loaded in our mind in 2 ways – Genetically and Environmentally. Right from the conception stage, the sperms and ovaries carry a set of basic programs. They come together and you are born. They carry the DNA or the Blueprint of your parents which gives you the specific characteristics.  That’s why you look like your parents or grandparents. You may carry the traditional birth marks or physical features like colour of eyes or hair. Then you go through a complete development cycle, where along with the formation of the physical body, your mind is loaded with various programs to operate your organs, move your legs and arms, process food etc.

As soon as you are born, the learning curve gets steeper. There is so much information available around you and you just absorb everything like a sponge. And to assist you with this learning process, the Nature has designed the development in such a way that you do not get the ability to reason or use logic (Conscious mind) until you are close to 5 years old. That way you just take in all that you get. While this is great, the Environmental programming is happening during this time. This means that you cannot reject any information that you get, you just take it and believe that it is true and store it straight in the Sub-conscious mind. These programs then become the foundation on which more and more complex programs are loaded.

For example, when the baby is just ready to eat solid food, you have to teach the baby to eat with a spoon. You start programing the child to open her mouth as you bring the spoon closer to her mouth. Initially, you may have some unsuccessful attempts and food going all over the baby’s face, because the baby still doesn’t know what to do with the spoon or this new food. But after repetition, you will be able to get the baby well trained to open the mouth as the food gets closer to the mouth. Then it is just a mechanical process, open mouth, bam… in goes the food. In fact the program is so firmly loaded in the subconscious mind, that even now if you bring a spoon full of food to say your spouse or friend’s mouth, they will automatically open the mouth, even if they do not want your food. (Try this at your own risk, as the consequence would be the food goes on someone’s dress, your face or on the carpet – but the mouth will open. Guaranteed!!)

There so many such programs that go in your kid’s mind, without they or even you know about it. Throwing things down from the chair, making sounds, banging the toy on the floor… each of these is teaching the baby something. And every reaction that you give to their action is also teaching them about themselves and about you. Similarly, the things that they see and hear also go straight into their mind. As the kids start growing, they learn that earning money is hard; a person get tiered when he comes from office; or to make someone listen to you, you have to shout. Having a News channel beamed on your TV all the time, will deposit the horrible images of terrorism, accidents, fights, tragedies and all the negative things, into their sub-conscious mind. They would know the world is not a safe place to be. They would see the horrible movies with the guns and about maniacs killing people. They would see those toys in the shops, they would pretend-play as a terrorist and one day, one of those kids would kill 10-15 other kid in school with a gun. Who should be blamed for this? I might have taken this a bit too far and you might argue that the kids will, anyway, learn it from the outside world. But then switching off the TV is the least thing that you can do for your child. Program your ChildInstead, show her the power of positive thinking, show her the beauty within the nature, show her the progress mankind have made, show how powerful our mind is, give her inspiring books to read – assure her that no matter how bad the world may seem, she will survive and even thrive and she can conquer the world. Look at her and just by virtue of your thoughts; tell her that she is here in this world to do great things.

My parents told me the story of a great Maratha leader in India – Chattrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj. During his childhood, his mother told him only the stories of great leaders and great kings. Since then he only aspire to become one of them and he became one. I aspire to become one of them too and I will inspire everyone I come in contact with to become one. Such is the power of mental programming and Paradigm. Use it in the right way and give your child the right information so that they can conquer the world and become leaders.

Here are some Statements that you may have heard in your childhood or you may be saying to your child and the effects it has when you grow with those beliefs.

As a Child, you hear this – (Cause)

As an Adult you say this – (Effect)

You should colour only inside the box. Why can’t I think outside the box
Why don’t you be like your friends? Follow them, behave like them I am just a common man. Why I can’t I be something different
Stop asking for new toys… just play with what you have. I have been doing the same job for so many years. Why can’t I do something else.
Why don’t you just sit there and play by yourself. I sit the whole day in front of my computer. I do not have time to be with my family and friends.

Even if you give your child one positive thing each day, it will pay off a big time in his or her future. 

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