Paradigm Shift

by Amod Joshi on March 27, 2012

This article builds on the previous article – The Paradigm. If you haven’t read that, I strongly recommend a quick read through that article.

Paradigm ShiftTo bring about a change in your life, you need to know the paradigm that is stopping you – the mental program that is driving your current actions and giving you the current results. For example, if you want to become financially independent, use the 5 “Why” technique (explained in The Paradigm), to find out what is stopping you. It may be that you have a paradigm that says – “The way to earn money is only thought Job”. To change this paradigm, we would need to re-program our mind to say that money can be earned in business as well, without any compromise on the family life. Or maybe, you want to change your health condition and lose some weight and the stopping paradigm is that eating less food will result in loss of energy. This needs to be changed to eating less food keeps me active, fresh and fit, all the time.

Once you know where you are and where you want to be, you can then spark the fire within you and make the paradigm shift with one of the 3 fuels – Desire, Belief or Expectancy. Even if there is a presence of one of these 3, the other 2 will follow the suit. You have been using this all the time throughout your life. Remember, when you had that Desire to eat a specific cake (or any other food in your case) from the specific shop. You drove down to the shop although it was out of the way. It did not matter if there was traffic or detours. In fact, you enjoyed it even more because of the extra effort that you had to take to achieve it. The strong Desire will drive you into action and manifest the thing that you desire for.

Belief is prominent, when you know what you can do. When you are travelling and then get into a tunnel, it gets dark, but you believe that there will be light on the other side of the tunnel. You probably believe that you will be cured when you see your doctor. Belief sustains you and keeps you on track, while you wait for the thing that you have thought to be manifested.

The last, but not the least is the Expectancy. Expectancy is where you know exactly what it looks like when it is manifested. When you turn the keys in the car, you expect the car to start. You do not pray or hope, you just know it.  Expectancy binds you with your result. It keeps you thinking about your result, rather than have worries or doubts during the process of manifestation.

Whenever you set yourself on a new path – say when you are setting up a new business, a new target, a new goal etc. Keep a score on each of these 3 areas. Ask yourself, out of 1 to 10, how much is my Desire, my Belief and my Expectancy. Then go ahead and increase the amplitude of each on them by constantly reminding yourself of your Purpose.

Now, let me tell you what will happen, when you try to change your Paradigms. As we saw in the previous post, you create a Paradigm or a mental program called X, by continuously repeating the X idea on the Sub-Conscious mind, until it becomes a habit. Then the X program starts controlling your X type actions and generate X type results. The X type results, generate X type thoughts and you continue to get the X type results. Let us say, the X type result is your current monthly income, say $5,000.

Paradigm Shift - Terror Barrier

Now, if you decide to change this paradigm and introduce a Y type of idea – say earning $25,000 per month. You will be excited and start working on a new business opportunity. But remember, at this stage, the Y type idea is only in the Conscious mind, while the Sub-Conscious mind is still playing the X type program. And the Sub-Conscious mind is way too powerful. As soon as you start entertaining the $25,000 idea, it will be like going against the powerful Sub-Conscious mind. It will set up a vibration and instantly fear, doubt and worry will set in. You will start doubting the $25,000 idea and finding all sorts of problems. You will hit the Terror Barrier and Bang!! You will be back in the safety, back with the X idea, back to your old job. You will feel safe here and much relaxed. But you have seen the glimpse of the Y thought and you know that Safe is not good enough. You cannot stay in the same place with the same X type of results. It is Nature’s way of life. Everything in Nature is meant to grow and you are no exception. You have to pass through the Terror Barrier and then experience the Freedom on the other side. Once you do that, the Sub-conscious mind will give away the X program and replace it by Y program.

“You will either step forward into GROWTH, or you will step back into SAFETY.”  

Abraham Maslow

If you need any help or tools and techniques, to break through the Terror Barrier and install the Y program in your Sub-Conscious mind, then let Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith be your friends. The Secret Science of Getting Rich program has been designed by these 3 Great Teachers from the movie – The Secret. It is the most powerful self-development program that you will ever find. Read more about this program – The Science of Getting Rich.

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