Paradigm – The Program in Your Mind

by Amod Joshi on March 22, 2012


Paradigm has become a buzz word of this century, but it essentially means mental conditioning or the programming of our mind. If this is the first time you are reading about this subject, then this could be the turning point in your life. You can achieve anything in your life, if you understand and change your paradigms.

When we arrive on this planet, as a baby, our mind is open. There are few programs that are loaded before the birth, which helps our body organs to function, we are able to see, we are able to hear, process all the sounds and we are able to breath and circulate the air through our lungs. These things are not taught to us, they are pre-programmed. But then things like how to hold any object with our hands; how to roll over; how to crawl or how to eat food; is programmed into us by our parents. From the language we speak to the clothes we wear or the food that we like, they all are programs loaded in our mind. Taking this further – even the money that we get, the health that we have or the circumstances that we live in, are all result of the programs in our mind. So this Paradigm is pretty serious stuff. But before we go too far, I want to give you an example of how a paradigm or a program is implanted in our mind.

Take an example of driving a car. This is one of the complex programs that we load into our mind. As soon as we sit in the car to drive, the following program is executed –

Turn the ignition on. If the car do not start, load the troubleshoot program. Once the car starts, keep your right foot on the brake and left foot on the clutch. Take the hand brake off and put the car in the first gear. Slowly lift the left foot, releasing the clutch, while the right foot stays on the brake. Now as the clutch is half released, hold it to that level with your left foot and then move the right foot on the accelerator and press it slowly to make the car move. As the car start moving, remove the pressure on the right leg and again press the clutch with left leg and put the car into second gear. Again slowly release the pressure on the left leg to release the clutch and move the right leg to the accelerator and push it to move the car in a higher speed.

This was just to get the car started. There will be more programs to stop at the traffic lights, look for traffic and then do a whole lot of activities for each different scenario. Now when you learnt to drive the car for the first time, the instructor must have given you the exact same instructions. He would have repeated them several times the first few days. Then those programs got fixed in your mind and then you could easily start the car and get it in motion. Then he would have instructed you to change lanes, make turns and many other things. You quickly learn and the programs get fixed in your mind and each time you are in that situation, the program is loaded and you act accordingly. It then becomes so ‘automatic’ that you do not even realise that you are doing this because of the programming that you did a few months or years ago.

Stick Person_ParadigmNow here is a pictorial view of what happens when we program ourselves. The 5 sensory factors – see, smell, hear, taste and touch; feeds information or programs to our mind. These programs or instructions reside in our conscious mind, while we are in the situation for the first few times. Then by repetition, the program is fixed in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is connected to and drives our body and we act in a certain way. Once the program is in subconscious mind, it is fixed in there forever, until we replace it with a new program. We may refresh our conscious mind and completely forget about the program, but it will continue to operate from the subconscious mind and drive our body or actions.

Apply this principle to your current situation and you will see that you are in your current situation because of some program in your subconscious mind. If you earn $5000, that is because you are programmed to earn $5000. That is what you know – how to earn $5000? If you know (or have the program) to earn $25,000, you would go and earn that amount. Same is with your health. The classical program which resides in our subconscious mind is – “If you get wet in rain, you will catch cold”. But nothing happens when you take shower?? The main reason for you catching cold is due to the bacteria or viral having prominence in the air when it is raining. But if you develop your immune system properly, then they can cause you no harm. It is nothing to do with rain or getting wet.

 The good part is, once you know what is holding you back, you can change the program. Write a new program. Feed it to your conscious mind using the sensory factors. Repeat it many times, till it gets fixed in the subconscious mind and enjoy the new actions and the new results. If you are facing any difficult situation or if you are working on a bad habit or if you are stuck at a particular level, then use this technique to find the paradigm that is stopping you. Ask 5 “why” questions. Why do I earn $5000? – because I work as an employee. Why do I work as an employee? – because of the skills that I have. Why do I have these skills? – because that is what I learnt to do. Why can’t I learn something else? – yes I can. As soon as you find that your answers are no longer suggesting any limiting beliefs and there are new ideas flowing in, you know that you are in close proximity to the paradigm. Act on these new ideas, right away. Do not think, if it will work or not. As you implement the new idea and if you are stuck again, use the 5 Whys and find the paradigm that is stopping you and smash it.

Know your paradigms and change them and transform your life.

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