6 Simple Meditation Techniques

by Amod Joshi on March 18, 2012

Meditation Techniques

For the modern world, Meditation means a quiet, peaceful & relaxing time. But actually Meditation is much more. The word Meditation, comes from the Latin word Meditatio, which means – to think over. But if Meditation is about thinking over, then don’t we do it all the time?

Daily ‘mental activity’ is often mistaken for ‘thinking’. When we are processing the trivial, routine, day-to-day thoughts, we are not thinking. Imagine, you are getting ready to go to work – you take shower, you get dressed up, put on your make up or shave and do all the routine work. While doing this, you may be thinking about your pending work from the previous day, or about some news that you read, or about your lunch plans or similar such thoughts. Have you noticed that these thoughts are not actively picked by you? They just seem to come to your mind and you play along. It is like being on an Auto-Pilot and someone else controls your thought process. This happens throughout the day and most of the time.

The real thinking happens, when we choose our thoughts ourselves – consciously. Earl Nightingale once said – “If most people said, they were thinking, they would be speechless”. When we do real thinking, we do not involve any of our sensory factors – see, smell, hear, taste and touch. We concentrate on a thought and continue building the picture in our mind about that thought. This state of mind is called Meditation. 

Here is an extract from one of the powerful books – Working with the Laws by Raymond Holiwell –

“Clear and exact thinking is a very great necessity. It is, in fact, a sure means to advancement on the material as well as on the spiritual planes. A line of distinction, however, should be drawn between mere surface thought, which is associated with the understanding of Truth. The latter is deep thinking which arouses dormant powers, quickens the perceptions, and leads to the enlargement of understanding. The former is but a passing phase of mental activity, while the latter governs the life of man.”

Meditation helps us in doing the metal house-keeping and clearing the clutter from the mind. The ideal meditation is when you are able switch yourself off from the outside world (switch off all the sensory factors) and build a deliberate image or a thought and continue to hold this thought.

Here are 6 simple meditation techniques that you can use, to improve your concentration and ability to focus on one thought. Once you master this, you can then start using this power to manifest incredible things in your life.

  1. Simple Meditation – This meditation technique can be used to get into the practice of concentration. In this meditation, you slowly count the numbers from 1 to 10. Each time you think of any other thought, restart the counting. You may go like this – 1, 2, 3… “This is easy” – That’s a thought. Restart. 1, 2, 3, 4……It may sound very simple, but it is really hard to put into practice.
  2. Breathing Meditation – In this technique, you follow your breath. Watch your breath as you inhale and the air flow through various parts of your body. Start with your nose, then down the throat into the lungs, stomach, into the legs and arms, till you are filled with the breath. Then you slowly exhale. You continue to do this and refocus each time your mind drifts into another thought.
  3. Mantra Meditation – Here, you chant a ‘Mantra’ – like “Ooommm” and then concentrate on saying it. It may be coupled with a visual image of a circle with the dot in the centre and circular energy radiating outwards. Once again, each time a thought enters, you let go the thought and refocus on the Mantra
  4. Gaze Meditation – This technique uses a mark (like a red dot on a white paper) or a candle flame and you concentrate your attention on it. You let go, any thoughts that come to your mind. The aim is to be one with the dot or the flame.
  5. Guided Meditation – In this technique, you take external help, to guide your thoughts in a certain pattern. Although you engage one sensory factor – hearing, you are only doing selective hearing. Once in deep meditation, you do not hear any background sounds, but just the voice of the person. Silva Life System uses the Guided Meditation, to take you into deep meditation level (Theta brain frequency) and then they program you with positive affirmation.
  6. Walking Meditation – In walking meditation, you focus on the experience of walking. Walking meditation is one of the most widespread forms of Buddhist practice, and has the advantage that it can be done anytime we’re walking. Learn more about the Walking meditation here on the Wild Mind site.

Some more advanced Meditation techniques include – Chakra Meditation, Zen Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Wuji Gigong etc. There has been immense scientific study on meditation that reveals the amazing results achieved by concentrated thought power. One such system that explains the relation of meditation to the brain wave frequency and scientific proofs is the Silva Life System. It uses Meditation as a powerful tool to help you train your mind to achieve great results, a boost in career or to have a healthy body. Read the Silva Life System Review on this website.

Some final tips:

  • Remember Meditation can become better by practice. Treat it like an exercise – similar to the way you would exercise regularly to increase your muscle strength.
  • Make it a routine. Do it each day – weekends included.
  • Many people share that they had a better experience when they choose early in the morning or just before going to the bed.
  • Try these basic techniques and pick the one that suits you. Remember none of the technique is better than other. Each one if equally effective.

Now that you understand what Meditation means – Thinking a particular conscious thought and holding on it, as long as you can, you can use these Basic techniques and put yourself into a habit of Meditation. You will also find more information on some of the powerful Meditation programs on the website, under the Spirituality section.

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