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by Amod Joshi on March 7, 2012

I found this module as very powerful closing to such an amazing experience. Imagine, you are planning a camping or a hiking trip. It is the first time you are going to do camping. So you would search on the internet, make a checklist, talk to friends and gather all the information. Then you would set out to buy all the tools that you are going to need – the Tent, chairs, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, first-aid kit and all other accessories. You then bring everything home and lay them in front of you and carefully pack everything and organize it so that you can find it easily when you need it.

Your Mind Laboratory – Silva Life SystemI had the same feeling when I began listening to this module. All this while, we have been talking about the tools and techniques and concepts that will empower us. In this last module, Laura Silva explains the concept of your Mind Laboratory, where you can arrange all these tools and then use them when you need them to solve any problem in your life. Not only that, she also helps you to find your Counselors – imaginary people that you would create and they will help you to solve any problem that you may have.

The Laboratory is nothing but a way to allow you to move from your day to day routine – i.e. this physical world into a creative world, where you will find the answers to the problems. The Laboratory has a desk, a comfortable chair, a clock, a calendar, computer and any other tools and equipment that you may need. You enter the Laboratory by entering into deep meditation, using the 3-1 method and then going deeper with the countdown of 10 – 1.

Your Counsellors – Silva Life SystemYou also create 2 Counselors – 1 male and 1 female. These are the imaginary people with all supernatural powers and know everything. They will be waiting for you in the Lab. Once you are in the Lab, you can talk to any of the Counselors and discuss the problem with them and hear the solution. The solution is always within you and Counselors is a way to get this information to your conscious mind.

This idea of Laboratory and Counselors may sound very fictional or child-like, but if you think how geniuses work, you would find that they use a similar technique to get that information they need to lead them to that discovery. You also might be using the Counselors in your life right now. Let us say, if you lose the keys to your car, you would say –“God, Can you please help me find the keys?” and you invariably invoke the biggest Counselor – The God. Having your own Counselor will help you to organise and empower yourself as they are your own creation and in a way they are nothing but you.

I am looking forward to creating my Laboratory and create my Counselors. I would be working on this next few weeks and I promise to come back and update this post and share my experience.

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