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by Amod Joshi on March 6, 2012

This module is actually titled – The Spiritual Sense. But in this module, one of the points that Laura Silva drives strongly is – how children build Reference points and learn so many new things as they grow. This inspired me to change the theme of this module and focus the attention on – “How can I pass these techniques to my child from early age?”

Gift for your child - Silva Life SystemThis information is not taught in schools or colleges. There is not a single chapter (let alone a book) on how to have a good Attitude; how to use the inner sensory factors; how our mind works; how to earn money; how to manage stress etc. Yet, we all grow up and go through each of these lessons by ourselves. We learn many things from our parents and then our environment – friends, teachers, associates and then books and now internet. Did you know that the type of the food that you eat is also programmed in you by your parents and in them by their parents and so on? You may have to go to many, many generations back to find out why you are eating the amount of spice that you eat now. Or why you dislike a particular cuisine and prefer the other.  Now you may be introduced to a new cuisine and you may start liking it and then you pass that in your kids and then it goes further in the generation, until someone down the line changes it and brings something new.

Now, if you can pass these characteristics through generations, just imagine if you build in one good characteristic within yourself and implant it in your kids, it would change the way, how 4-5 generations after you would operate. Let us say, if you develop the habit to wake up without a physical alarm clock (as seen in some previous modules) and feel fresh even after 4-5 hours of sleep, imagine the next generation getting this characteristic as a gift from the birth. They can then build on it and become much more productive and bring greater good in their life. Or if you pass the 3 finger technique to your kids to memorise anything they want and then they consciously do the same to their kids, then all the next generations would be born with excellent recollection abilities. It could be as simple as a habit of brushing twice a day, to the use of mental faculties to solve problem. You can change the lives of those in your future.

This is how you program genetically. Apart from this, your kids are going to learn many new things and get programmed environmentally. Let us have a closer look at this programming.

Reference Points

I am sure; you all remember the birth of your child. When they come to this world, they gaze at you, they touch you and make Reference points about you as their protector, as their guide and as their own family. Then as they lie on their back, they keep seeing many different people and they make new reference points and learn to distinguish the other people and you. They hear many voices and still tend to turn to your voice. They then learn to roll over and now get a completely new view of the world. They start seeing more objects around them – more and more Reference points. The crawling brings this new world closer to them. They can now touch all these objects, move from one room to another. We warn them about the sharp edges and teach them how to turn when they reach a wall. All these reference points help them to navigate safely on the floor space. They then learn to climb upstairs and once again a whole new experience. Then you teach them how to climb down backwards so that they do not get hurt and giving them more reference points.

They then start walking and they know how to balance on their feet. They are excited and in that excitement, they fall. They learn – build new reference points and then they start walking again, this time they do much better. Soon enough they are running around the home. You take them to the garden and they run on the grass and they are so happy to explore this new world. They see new objects, trees, birds, oceans, rivers, mountains. You sit on your picnic blanket and they run in the garden as far as they can and then come back.

A Gift for your child - Silva Life systemTurning the wheels on their cycle makes them free birds. Once again new reference points are built – we teach them about road safety, we teach them to take safe turns and follow the traffic lights. We let them go to their friends place, couple of blocks away, on their new bicycle. One day, the kids come back and tell you how they went up all the way to the new mall. And you are shocked and worried and you ask – “How did you go there? It is so far from here and there is so much of traffic”. The kids explain – “We went to the main street and took a left. We crossed 2 traffic lights and then took a right. We followed the traffic signs and then took another left to reach the mall.”

Did you see how kids build up on the reference points – taking a left turn, crossing the lights, watching the traffic signs? They bring all these reference points to go out in their atmosphere and come back home safely. Some kids, build more reference points and take a bike and to different cities. Some kids get into car and go to different states. Some build even more reference points and take a flight and go to different countries, while some build even more reference points and take a rocket and go into the space and come back home safe.

It is all because of those reference points that you helped your kid to develop. Give your child this wonderful gift of Silva Life System Techniques and let them go far and reach great heights. Take this system, learn all the techniques and slowly start introducing them to your kids. Encourage them to use their creativity to solve their problems. This small investment will go far into their lives and even future.

Laura Silva also shares the concept of creating an imaginary Laboratory, where you can go to solve problems. Like the Mirror of the Mind and 3 Finger Technique, Laboratory has all the tools that you would need to meditate on solutions. It is where your creativity flows through and you get those answers. She has been using the Laboratory since she was 12 years old and has now passed it so many children and they do some wonderful work in their Laboratories.

To learn more about the Laboratory and some fantastic guided Meditation, get your copy of Silva Life System now. 

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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

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