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by Amod Joshi on March 5, 2012

Weight Reduction - Silva Life systemWhy do weight reduction goals fail? This question has many answers – “The Diet program was not good enough.” “The weight loss pills that I took worked, but as soon as I stopped taking it, I started to put on again.” “I want to eat less, but my routine is busy and I hardy have time to cook healthy food.” “I can’t help but eat.” “Tension makes me eat more.”

If you have a closer look, each of these and many such answers, put the blame and hence the control of the weight reduction, on someone else – the diet program, the circumstances, the events or other people. But the fact is that the weight reduction program is successful only when you change your self-image by changing your habit.

Here are few Steps that you can use to manage your Habit. The same can be applied to work on habits like Smoking, Drinking, Procrastinating or any other habit.

1.    Know your Habit

First, study the habit. You need to know all about your habit. What is it that is causing you to put on that extra weight? Is it over-eating, is it snaking between the meals, is it eating junk food or is it failure to follow an exercise routine. It could a combination of these as well. Write it down. Study and observe yourself for a week and keep noting the time of the day, the events, thoughts and feeling associated to the action that invokes the habit.

For me, it is the snacking between the meals. I feel like eating something after every 2 hours. Sometimes when I am busy and doing a lot of thinking, I want to take a break and eat something. The first thought that generally comes to mind is that I will eat only small portion and then within no time I would have eaten multiple small portions, all adding to the waistline.

 2.    Identify and Interrupt the Pattern

As you study your Habit, you will see a pattern or series of events or signals that build up to the Action of executing the habit. It could be the new ad that you see on the TV and then you start thinking about the chocolate caramel bar and then read about it in the newspaper and you keep building the image. As you walk back from your work, you pass a shop with a big advertisement and you cannot stop yourself from buying it. Now by trying to stop you from going in the shop or even changing the route from home to work, is not really going to help. The interruption to the pattern should occur right at the beginning when you saw that ad.

 As I analyse myself, I find that I also have a similar pattern. As soon as I reach home from work, I have to eat something. It could be biscuits or cakes or sometimes even the fried food. But the thoughts and the pattern mostly start as soon as I sit in my car and I start feeling hungry. The other thing I noticed that I do not stop with 1 biscuit. I end up eating at least 4-5.

 One way to identify the interruption that will work is by finding out the reason you would want to change the current habit. It could be that you want a better health, being able to fit into your old clothes, being able to run with your kids and being able to feel good about your body. These can be then the trigger points that will interrupt the thought pattern and start a new chain of thoughts. Another way could be to plant indicators that will remind you to change your thought patterns – like wearing a bracelet or a wrist band that will remind you each time you extend your hand to buy or eat that unwanted food. Or asking a simple Yes and No question – Will this add to my waistline?

 3.    Create a New Image and Change Focus – use of Mirror of the Mind

A good way to change a bad habit is to replace it by a good habit. As you start focusing on the good habit, you give lesser and lesser energy to the bad habit and eventually it would fade out. Imagine yourself being in the new habit. Feel the feelings associated and lock those feelings in. Then move into this image and experience it completely as if it has already happened. You can use the Mirror of Mind technique taught in the Silva Life System to help you with this exercise.

 I recently changed my habit of overeating at the lunch using this technique. I would typically carry my lunch from home and then eat it at my desk reading something online. I typically end up finishing my lunch quickly and still feel a bit hungry. Then I would go to our office kitchen and either make a coffee or buy a soda-drink or declare that I have a sweet tooth today and buy a chocolate. I recently joined a Gym and now during lunch break I work out for 45 mins and then eat my lunch in 15 mins and then I have to get back to work. This way I completely changed my habit from leisure eating to a quick lunch and Gym.

 4.    Experience the Change and lock it – 3 Finger Technique

This is probably the most important step. Here you need to take action and beat that habit for at least 1 day. This means that for once, your new habit will be prominent that the old one. For example, you go for a jog; or you eat a salad sandwich and juice for lunch instead of the regular burger and a soda-drink; or even when you successfully interrupt the pattern and spend a day free of the old habit. Lock this feeling. Lock the experience and memorise the satisfaction. Use the 3 finger technique to lock it in. Each time when your old habit tries to surface, you can go back to your 3 fingers, and recollect this feeling and it will change your energies towards the new habit.

Some other points that will help you:-

  • We may be programed to finish everything on our plate and we were reminded of the poor people on the street. Remember, your health is more important than anything else. If you are not healthy and happy, you would never be able to help the poor. So re-program yourself – “It is OK to leave the food or throw the extra food in the rubbish bin.”
  • Research about your ideal weight and look back in your family and determine a healthy weight and then work towards it. You should not try to become too thin and then feel loss of energy, nor too fat to not able to move around.
  • Make small incremental changes – 1-2 kg (2-4 pound) per month. Use this in your white screen while doing the Mirror of the Mind technique.
  • You can use the same technique to do the reverse – add more weight.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is another common habit and is seemingly hard to quit. This module has complete dedicated section to smoking habit. Keeping the length of the article in mind, I may cover it later at some point. Laura Silva covers this section in such an effective way. If I was a smoker, this would have been my CD that I would listen to more often. Here is a small glimpse what you will hear in the CD – 

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