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by Amod Joshi on March 4, 2012

We have come to a very important module in the Silva Life System training. So far, we did all the cleansing process by managing the Stress, Sleep control, Awake control, Headache control. We have also learnt how heal ourselves using Glove Anastasia, enhance memory recollection by 3 finger Technique and enhance Intuition by 3 finger and 5 finger Technique. Now it is the time for Manifestation – of the Success you deserve, of the Dream that you have been painting.  

5 Steps toward Successful Manifestation

Laura shares a wonderful story in this module, regarding faith. The story comes out of the Bible, about a woman, who suffered illness for so many years. But she keeps thinking – “If only I could reach out and touch the robes of Jesus, I will be made whole.” She thinks about this over and over for several years, till Jesus comes to her town. She fights through the crowd to get in closer vicinity so that she can touch the robe. Her strong desire, made this possible and she was able to touch the robe. Jesus could feel the shift in the energy from his body to hers and he asked “
Who touched me?” When he saw the woman, he said “Your Faith has made you whole”.  He never said, “I have healed you”. It was the faith of the woman in him. She had been repeating it for several years and faith could make it happen.

The faith is really made up of 3 components – Desire, Belief and Expectancy. These are called the Subjective Energies. You need the presence of each of these energies and yet a dominance of either one can drive the remaining 2 to build a strong Faith. With Faith, Action and Persistence, you can manifest success beyond your imagination. Hence, if you want the formula for success then here it is –

Success = (Desire + Belief + Expectancy) + Action + Persistence5 Steps to Successful Manifestation - Silva Life System

  1. Desire= I want – Desire is fuel by the strong reason for why do we want, the thing we want. It helps us to tolerate the experience various situations, while on the journey towards the manifestation. To protect the desire from fading out and continuously keep it increasing, we can ensure that what we want is in line with our value system and is backed with a positive attitude of gratitude and serving others.
  2. Belief = I can – Belief is the recognition of the power within you and gives confidence. To keep the belief stronger, we must focus on the past experience of success, achievement and make them as reference points. Success breeds success.
  3. Expectancy = I will – It is the sense of knowing that you will receive it. To strengthen the expectancy energy, we need to plan for the results. If we are expecting the business to grow then we need to know how we going to handle it? If it is a new car, then what model, what colour, interior. This is when you move from dream and make them projects or plans.
  4. Action – Action is the most vital part and refers to acting on the idea. The tools we use in Silva Life System will let us access the Universal Mind and download that idea or a hint. But by not acting on the idea, we will not be able to bring it into our life.
  5. Persistence – Never give up! There may be instances where you may have to do something different for a while, may be just to pay the bills. But keeping the main goal in mind, you should just continue to fuel the desire and persist to come back on the highway after any detours.

At the beginning of this series, we defined a Goal. Now what I want you to do is – rate yourself from 1 to 10 in each of these areas, with respect to your goal. Let us say, your goal is to earn more money. Now evaluate this Goal against the above 5 areas. Do you have the right desire? Do you REALLY want it? Do you believe you can have it? Are you prepared to have it? Are you taking steps towards this goal? Are you persistent in working on your goals? Rate these areas and you will know what is holding you back from the successful manifestation.

The Mirror of the Mind

The Technique –

Mirror of Mind - Silva Life SystemEnter the Alpha level using 3-1 technique. Once you are in deep meditation state, picture a full length mirror on the screen of your mind. This is the mirror of the mind. You can mentally increase the size of the mirror to allow and fit any picture that you would project. The colour of the frame can be changed from blue to white. Blue frame denotes the existing situation or the problem. The white frame denotes the solution or a goal.

Now after you are in Alpha level, project the problem picture on the blue frame of the mirror of the mind. Study the picture, but do not spend too much time thinking about the problem. Make sure it is well defined. Now keep this mirror on the centre of the mental screen. Now move the mirror towards the left and as you move change the colour to white. Project the desired outcome on this white framed mirror. The things that you want or the situation that should be there replacing the current problem. Focus on this frame and use this frame for any future meditation. Ask these questions, so that your new image is perfect and ready for manifestation – What do you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve? Who would give you feedback on the changes – How will the success look like? How is it going to impact of your life? Why do you want it?

Use the Mirror of the Mind and then keep working on the Success Formula ingredients and let the manifestation happen in your life.

Meditation & My Experience

This module again has an Alpha sound in the background. We use the 3-1 technique to enter the meditation and once in deep meditation, we program the Mirror of the Mind technique in the mind by going through the steps of these techniques.

Laura Silva’s powerful guided Meditation cannot be recreated via writing. Also, she shares some wonderful stories and these ideas in detail in each module. To experience this yourself and to get this information directly from the source, get your own copy of Silva Life System now!

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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

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