Enhance Intuition – Silva Life System

by Amod Joshi on March 3, 2012

Enhance Intuition - Silva Life System

Did you know, there is a more powerful search engine than Google and it not only finds stuff on internet, but it can also scan through any house, office, street, forests, mountains, rivers and oceans. It is called the Universal Mind. While Meditation connects you to this network, the 3 finger Technique is the browser that will invoke the search function and help you find your missing objects, long lost friends, free parking spots and even the inner characteristic of a person. 

Another use of 3 Finger Technique

Thomas Edison, who gave us the first electric bulb, was also famous for his ‘power nap’ meditation. He would sit in his rocking chair holding a rock in his hand and then go into meditation searching for answers. If he would drift off into sleep and lose conscious control, the rock would fall off on the metal plate underneath and it would wake him up.

What Edison was doing was, actually connecting to the Universal Mind and leveraging the fact that the Universal Mind can access any place in this world and find the answer. We are all connected to each other, through our mind. We have already seen in the previous modules that we all are made up of the same molecules and atoms and electrons. Thus, by tuning into our mind and asking the question to the Universal Mind, we can solve any problem in our life.

We can use 3 finger technique to enhance our intuition and train ourselves to listen to the Universal Mind. We can use this, in our day to day routine as well – while buying a house, or while planning a new investment, dealing with a client. You can use the 3 finger technique and get information that you do not know or do not have access to otherwise.

Many Silva Graduates have reported the use of 3 finger technique to find the lost jewellery, meeting people without their contact details, finding parking spots, changing traffic lights, getting tickets for sold-out shows.

The Technique is very simple and involves the following Steps

  1. Going to Alpha Level – You can go to the Alpha level by closing your eyes or even while keeping them open. Just relax and use the 3-1 method – take 3 breaths, first – relax your body, second – relax your mind and third – be in the place of total relaxation. Initially you may need more breaths at each count, but eventually you will be able to do it in 3 breaths.
  2. Imagination – Close your 3 fingers and start building an image of the solution. Let us say you were searching for a missing book, then visualize the book in detail and be tuned into the book. Then close your 3 fingers and tell yourself that when you are near that book, you right hand will become warm (or anything that will enable you to pick it up as a signal).
  3. Expectation – This is the most important step. You should expect that you will find the book. There is no ‘Try’. If you say – I will TRY to find the book by this method, that’s exactly you will end up doing – only trying. But if you say – I will find this book using this technique, you are now expecting to see the book.

Use this technique to solve such problems and then share your story in the comments section below.

5 Finger Technique – Prepare your Presentation

The 3 finger technique can be extended to a 5 finger technique by assigning each of our part to each of the fingers – Physical (thumb), Mental (index finger), Spiritual (middle finger), Emotional (ring finger) & Intuition (little finger). We will still keep our fingers in the same position – 3 fingers closed and the ring and little finger pressing on the palm.

Let us take the example of preparation for a presentation. You can replace it by preparing for the exam, or an important meeting, or an important deal or any event that you want to make a big success. Now remember, in the previous module, we saw how we can use 3 finger technique to memorise information. We are doing the same here, except that we are now memorising the experiences.

Start by entering into the Alpha level by using the 3-1 method and then assign each of these experiences to each of the finger.

  • Physical part – The Thumb – Imagine yourself in the situation – giving that presentation. Pay a close attention to your dress, your physical actions, free flowing gestures, interaction with the audience. Lock this away to your thumb
  • Mental part – Index finger – Imagine how your thoughts will be clear and information flowing freely and that you are in a positive frame of mind. Lock this feeling to your index finger.
  • Spiritual part –  Middle finger – Here you access your spiritual part and imagine how the presentation is going to give you a spiritual satisfaction as it is a step towards your life purpose. Attach this to the middle finger.
  • Emotional part – Ring finger – You will keep a steady and positive emotional state. There is will be no mental chatter or a pull back. Assign this experience with the ring finger
  • Intuition part – Little finger – Imagine how you will be guided through your intuition and that you will say the right things at the right time. You will be able to answer the questions asked and lock this experience to the little finger.

Now just before the presentation, go back to the five fingers and recollect the feeling and you will be able to deliver a great presentation.

We would love to hear your experience with these techniques. Share your experiences in the comments section below.

 Meditation & My Experience

This module again has an Alpha sound in the background. We use the 3-1 technique to enter the meditation and once in deep meditation, we program the 3 finger technique and 5 finger technique in the mind by going through the steps of these techniques.

Laura Silva’s powerful guided Meditation cannot be recreated via writing. Also, she shares some wonderful stories and these ideas in detail in each module. To experience this yourself and to get this information directly from the source, get your own copy of Silva Life System now!

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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

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