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by Amod Joshi on March 2, 2012

The Mental Screen

Now, I am going to start this article with an exercise. I apologise, if I ruin your diet plan through this exercise :). First of all, slow down and do not just read the words. Play along and you will enjoy this more. I want you to recollect, the last time when you ate a burger. What sort of burger was it? What salad was inside? How was the bread? Now let us make an imaginary burger…. Take a fresh burger bun…. Lightly toasted…. Add a dash of margarine or butter…place a perfectly grilled sizzling crunchy patty… add some nice red tomatoes and green lettuce….. bit of mayo and the burger is ready.

What you just did was – visualization and imagination. The first time when you recollected your last burger experience, you were doing visualization. You had the image registered in your brain and you just recollected it. Then, while creating the imaginary burger, you were exercising the imagination and here you create a fresh picture or a situation. When you re-think of the same new picture you just created, you will be back again into visualization.

Also notice, that you were reading these words on your screen, yet you could clearly see the burger. In short, you were not seeing with your eyes, but with the screen of your mind. Using the visualization and imagination you can re-create a situation in your life on the mental screen and correct it (this is how you can change your current results) or you can create a complete new picture and attract the good in your life.

The Mental screen can also be used to remember things. All you have to do is associate the things that you want to remember to something that has bright colors, or some action or something exaggerated or funny. These things has a greater impact on your mental screen and easier to recall. Project these images on our mental screen and then when you want to recollect, gaze back to your mental screen and those images will flash back and you can decode them for the things that you had associated.

For example, if you have to remember to do certain things while you go out to the market – let us say – post a letter, pay your electricity bill and buy a Christmas present, then you can associate these with, something like – a big red elephant whose mouth is open and says feed me the letters, a magician standing next to the elephant with an electric magic wand and a Santa riding the elephant as his reindeer are on strike. Similar way you can build an entire picture and then scan through the picture to recollect the list that you want to remember.

The Total Recall – 3 Finger Technique

Most of the education systems across the world – this includes schools, colleges and even professional institutes – use exams as their evaluation process. But an exam is just a recollection of what we have learnt throughout the year. It is not even a test of your memory as everyone has a perfect memory. It is only the test of your recollection ability. The stronger the impression of the information on your memory, the easier it is to recall it.

The example I am using to explain this technique is related to learning and exam, but you can almost replace it by anything like – important meetings, seminars or any other events where you are getting a lot of information and want to retain and recollect it.

The Technique

3 Finger Technique - Silva Life SystemThe 3 fingers – as shown in the image – is the trigger mechanism that we will use to file away the information we are reading or listening to. Then again using the same 3 fingers we will trigger the recollection.

Here are the steps that you can use to read a book and prepare for the exam and then take the exam.

Enter the basic plane level using the 3-1 method. Then you tell yourself something like this – “I am going to count from 1 to 3 and at the count of 3 I am going to read the chapters 6 & 7 of the Science book. These chapters are about Photosynthesis in the plants. I will have a superior concentration and understanding and Noises will not disturb me and noises will help me to concentrate.” Then you count from 1 to 3 and open your eyes and read the lesson. You may use the 3 fingers, to file away the key ideas into your memory. Make mental pictures of these key ideas, so that it will make a strong impression.

Once you have completed reading, you can go back to the basic plane level and then tell your self – “I will recollect all the information, that I read from the chapters 6 & 7 about the photosynthesis of plants from the Science book, using the 3 finger technique” Then counting from 1 to 3, come out of the level and the information will be filed away and you can now recollect anytime.

Now when it is exam time, you should follow the 3 steps below –

Using 3 Finger Technique in ExamStep 1 – Read through the test questions, but do not spend a lot of time on them. As soon as, you know the answer to a question, write it down otherwise move on the next question.

Step 2 – Use the 3 finger technique and this time spend a little bit more time on each question. When the answer comes to you write it down, otherwise skip that question and move on the next one.

Step 3 – Put the 3 fingers together and read the unanswered question. Refer back to your mental screen and if the answer is still not coming, then think of the source of the information – the book or the professor and ask them for the answer. Then clear your think of something else which is not related. Come back to the question and then the first answer that comes, write it down.

Even when preparing for the exam, be relaxed and then imagine the entire exam process. Picture you walking into the exam room, writing the answers, calm and confident, completing all the questions and then completing the exam and getting results and good grades.

Meditation & My Experience

This module has an Alpha sound in the background. It is like Theta, but bit faster. We use the 3-1 technique to enter the meditation and once in deep meditation, we program the 3 finger technique in the mind by going through the technique.

It was a great relaxation meditation for me. Being on the fifth day, I am able to relax quickly and within seconds, I can go into deep meditation. The affirmations that Laura plants in the mind, while in deep meditation are great. It makes me feel good and empowered. I used to be more sleepy after the meditation, but now I feel more refreshed.

Laura Silva’s powerful guided Meditation cannot be recreated via writing. Also, she shares some wonderful stories and these ideas in detail in each module. To experience this yourself and to get this information directly from the source, get your own copy of Silva Life System now!
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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

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